Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Have a Winner

The week is young yet - but I doubt any entries in the Stonekettle Station You're Kidding Me, Right? Spam Subject Line Contest will beat this one:

Your member is big, your member is good, your member beats all men in [the] neighborhood.

I'd love to see the spammer's stats on this one. I'd love to know if anybody in the entire universe ever actually clicked on that link. Because, seriously here folks, who is that guy?


  1. Sounds an awful like the speech Gene Wilder gives Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein just before teaching him to sing. I expect the next line to be, "Your member is a goooood boy!"

    I also have to admit I find myself thinking of the more common meaning of member, and wondering who all is in the club (no pun intended). And being a nerd, I think, "Well, if the member of your superhero squad is The Hulk, definitely, but if it's Hawkeye, enh, not so much."

  2. Actually, it kinda scans like a poem...

    Your member is big
    Your member is good
    Your member beats all
    Men in neighborhood

    Would you like it in a house?
    Would you like it with a mouse?
    Would you like it here or there?
    Your member likes it anywhere!

  3. Hell? No, Michelle, but somebody in Nigeria is liable to offer you a job.

  4. ::can't stop laughing::
    ::tears rolling down face::

    I hear a hip-hop beat

    Your member is big!
    Your member is good!
    Your member beats all the men in da neighborhood!

    Go member! Go Go Member!

  5. Well, if I strung some of the subject lines together I could almost make a story...

    "Put your sword in her scabbard"
    "Your dreams of growth can become reality"
    while you
    "Enlarge your nether regions"
    "Massive permanent gains!"

    Somehow I just don't thing they're talking about the economy...


  6. Damn it Jim, it took me a long time to come up with that line!

  7. Uh...crap...I meant, yeah, who would come up with stupid shit like that?

  8. I keep picturing a couple of knights jousting.

  9. Or maybe a dozen knights jousting all at one time...but only one is left standing...due to multiple droopy lances.

  10. Shouldn't that be 'We have a Wiener'?

    And I'm LOL'ing at Tania's visual - backup singers and all... 0.0

  11. Or is that 'backup members' of the band?


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