Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dead, Again

As a public service announcement: The new Dead Like Me movie, Life After Death is on shelves this week.

I just came back from the store with my copy. I don't know if it's any good or not, we'll find out tonight.

Whoever canceled that show needs to be visited by the Grim Reaper.

That is all, carry on.


  1. Really?

    How did I miss that? Amazon, here I come...

  2. Excellent! I love Mandy Patinkin and loved that show.

  3. Sorry, Tania, Mandy is not in the movie. He's been replaced by a new character. The Daisy Adair character remains, but is now played by Sarah Wynter, which sucks, but is also good because I like Sarah Wynter.

    Everybody is the same.

    Haven't watched it yet. Just got home from my son's band concert, and tonight Life is on. So, guess we'll watch it tomorrow.

  4. I missed the show when it first came, something to do with it being on one of those danged so-called premium channels which I refuse to pay for, but I ran into it when SciFi (?) ran a marathon of episodes.

    So I haven't seen all the episodes, but what I've seen has been bloody brilliant.

    Dr. Phil

  5. The movie is somewhat less brilliant, Phil, but not bad (Yes, we did watch it last night). It was more like a long disjointed episode. It's got funny moments, and it's got moments that go on too long. Though I love what they did with Reggie, the little sister.

    Personally I like the sanitized version of the series better. I, like you, refuse to pay for the so-called premium channels - especially HBO and Skinimax - and so didn't see the series until it showed up in syndication elsewhere with most of the foul language removed.

    Now, you know me - foul language doesn't exactly offend me, but the show used it gratuitously for the shock value, mostly I believe to compete with HBO shows like Six Feet Under. It's distracting. Mason, maybe I can see, and maybe Georgia, but Rube? Rube was from the 1930's he wouldn't use the word fuck and neither would Daisy - especially Daisy. It was jarring. And it's definitely overused in the movie. I have both seasons on DVD, and actually wish I could get the sanitized TV version instead.

    And it's too bad really, because the underlying premise of the show - i.e. life is how you live it, so go live it - is brilliant.


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