Friday, February 20, 2009


What the fuck is happening on Long Island?



Did the Lizard People land during prom week?


I don’t know what’s more frightening, OrangeJuice Face and his brother, Chemical Spill, or the really creepy serial killer looking chick on the right.


  1. There is a commercial running here for AirTran that shows people spending too much time in tanning beds trying to look "healthy" with the tag line being "with prices so low, go to a real beach". So I'm thinking these were leftover extras from the commercial.

    Seriously. We know what causes that. Get some sunscreen. Geesh.


  2. One of my cousins lost his beautiful 24-year old wife to scalp cancer.

    She faked-and-baked. Of course, there's no confirming that's what caused it.

    Right... I'm gonna stay pasty.

  3. I'm pretty sure you only get that shade of orange from over-use of self tanner.

    Regardless, pale and pasty are hawt.

    (So says the pale and pasty woman.)

  4. RELATED ARTICLE: "E! has confirmed George Hamilton's grandsons, Bob and Leroy, have been cast in the Zorro--The Gay Blade sequel, Zorro And Zorroer--Maximum Gay!, in the parts of "Don Diego Vega, Jr." and "Bunny Wigglesworth's Nephew, Bruce." Confirmation that anyone exists who actually wants to see this movie has not been made available on the record to E! reporters, and nobody else will admit they're actually working on the movie, which may in fact exist solely in the minds of Mr. Hamilton's grandsons."

  5. The bad part is that they either didn't have a good paint job, or went to the beach with hats. Either way, you can tell a few of their brain cells also got baked. That lovely slack-jawed "I'm-playing-a-video-game" look.

  6. Maybe they ate too many baby-carrots, trying to stay healthy and all.

  7. Eeeuuuw. Lay off the self-tanner crap.

  8. Well, I am looking for the kinda girl that would help me hide the body(ies) so Right-hand Chick might be for me.
    In any case, this kind of madness has been going on for a while...this:
    Being a more extreme example.
    I, personally, find it terrifying. The Army's genetic experiments with oranges obviously went quite wrong.
    On the plus side, they do bring a lovely clean citrus scent into the room - everything just feels more fresh.

  9. That looks like something from http://www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com/.

  10. The two guys are obviously mannequins come to life, and the serial killer chick is the Slayer, who came across them when she went to Florida to get away from the whole vampire slaying thing for a while. Now she's got to kill them. Can't the Slayer ever get a little time off?


    We just got done watching the first season of Buffy, which we haven't seen in years.


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