Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Technical Issues

Folks, my internet connection is in and out and my bandwidth is connecting me directly to the 1980s.

I've got good signal strength here, ~38dB SNR, so the problem is either my ISP, or my ISP's satellite/undersea fiber-optic cable connection to the lower 48.

Whatever, it's annoying as all hell. It took fourteen tries to publish today's post.

I don't like being annoyed, it makes me want to smash things, especially things having to do with my ISP. So until my ISP fixes their little issue, I'll be out in the shop. Don't expect much interaction today.




    Next iss.: THE INCREDIBLE JIM takes his internet frustrations out on THE LEADER and his minions in a double-length spectacular YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

    Also--the return of THE RINGMASTER and his CIRCUS OF EVIL!

  2. (sneaks in)

    (pets Shop Kat)

    (sets tin of brownies on table)

    (looks around)

    (opens tin of brownies)

    (shoves entire brownie in mouth)

  3. (tiptoes in)

    (heads right to the brownies)

    (eats one in several dainty bites)

    (takes a swig from the bottle behind the big scary looking machine under the pointy thing on the wall)

    (leaves a box of dark milk chocolate)

    (hears front door open. sneaks out the back)

  4. I don't have to do the big hair thing again, do I?

    I mean, I got married in the 80s, and for that reason, it wasn't a total waste of a decade...


    Let me know if you get my grandmother's sweet and sour cabbage recipe while you're back there.

  5. I had to re-start WS_FTP seven times last night to update five files on my class webpages, and Kalamazoo is only 77 miles from my house.

    I blame the kids downloading Lost and Heroes.

    Dr. Phil

  6. And, pray tell, just what is wrong with downloading Lost & Heros?

    Party pooper...


  7. Back from the 80's. Didn't find your recipe, Cassie, but there were a couple of cans of hairspray with your name on them.

    Not a big fan of Lost, but we never miss Heroes, which we record automatically on HD DVR, so there's no need to download that. My wife does download The Sarah Conner Chronicles which I like too, but would rather wait to see on DVD.

  8. There's nothing inherently wrong with downloading Lost and Heroes. But there are days when the university network infrastructure groans under the bandwidth loads -- and I object to have crappy response from a university server doing official university activities because undergrads are in my way. (grin)

    Dr. Phil


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