Sunday, February 3, 2008

Willies, I has them

I used to travel, a lot. And I spent a lot of time living out of hotel rooms, some fairly upscale, some not so much.

This is something I've long suspected. It doesn't make me any happier to have my suspicions confirmed.

And this why I always carried a small can of Lysol and a pack of sanitizing wipes.

And I never used the room cups, I brought my own travel mug and used that. However, it occurs to me now, that the room coffee maker was probably getting the same treatment.


  1. Most big hotels have really hot water. I always wash the glasses before I use them. (I assume the towels were washed in hot water, but maybe I'm just fooling myself when I dry the glasses.)

  2. You should see what goes on in the back of restaurants. Yes they have health inspections every six months, and yes all of the employees do things the right way while the inspector is present... but uh.

    There was one bagel shop I worked in where they pretty much didn't clean out the iced tea dispenser for almost the entire time I was there (about 6 months). It was always the same tea, they just added more as people bought it.

    Oh well. They say that the key to a good, healthy immune system is being exposed to lots of pathogens. ;)

  3. Ew. Just ew. I'm bringing disposable cups with me from now on.

  4. MWT, I used to be a professional chef (long ago, before I joined the Navy). I worked for what was then an extremely upscale company - places where dinner might run two people $200-$250 (wine, caviar, dinner made at the table - with blue flames! Yeah, that kind of place).

    It was the same.

  5. This doesn't surprise me in the least.

    I don't know if that says something about me, or about businesses.

    And I'll third the comments about restaurants and health inspections. It's why I avoid any restaurant that has a record of treating their employees badly, and look for restaurants where the staff sticks around for years.

    Pissed off unhappy workers are not a good think as far as my food is concerned.

  6. I remember seeing some expose where they went into hotel rooms with some fluorescent dye and a black light. It was amazing the surfaces that showed traces of semen. If there's a flat surface, I ssume that someone's been doing the nasty on it.

    I won't touch the bedspreads in hotel rooms - they change those things about twice a year.

    This is where the big "L" libertarians go off of the rails - it's tradgedy of the Commons in action, and it's the reason that makind has been prone to set up governments throughout our roughly 6000 year recorded and semi-recorded history.

  7. Oooh, yuck. I travel so much, and now I'm paranoid. I've already done the bedspread thing, but never thought of the cups and coffee maker. Ick, ick, ick. Now I'll be bringing a plastic cup along with me as well.

    I can't believe the number of hotels that did not respond!


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