Sunday, February 17, 2008

Update on the bowls

I know, I promised to post pictures and prices of my current work by this weekend.

Obviously I have not done so.

That's because I'm not done yet. The environment is not cooperating.

What does the environment have to do with it? A lot, actually. See, this time of year it's normally very, very dry - humidity wise - in my shop. Because normally this time of year in South Central Alaska it's 20 to 30 degrees below zero outside. This week the weather has been bizarrely unseasonal, to put it mildly. Today, for example, it was 40F, and it rained - poured actually - all day.

Because I work in green wet wood, which is normally cut from frozen logs stored outside my shop, the wood needs to dry a certain extent after turning, before I can do the finishing work. This time of year, that normally happens pretty quickly, sometimes too quickly and I have to take precautions to keep the wood from cracking if it dries too fast. Right now that's not a problem, because I can barely get the wood to dry in the first place. Also, because I use a combination of oil saturation and water based acrylic finish, ambient moisture has a huge effect on how quickly each application sets and dries. Normally, this time of year, the oil coats will dry within six hours. Right now, it's taking about twenty four hours. I need to apply several applications. Then about ten coats of water-based acrylic, which cannot be applied before the oil is 100% dry. The acrylic normally dries within an hour, today it's taking much, much longer. I've got fifteen bowls out in the shop, in various stages of completeness - all of which are taking much longer than I planned on.

Blame the weather.

Anyway, just as soon as I'm finished I will post the pictures and the prices. A couple of days maybe.

Sorry, but you know how it is - you must suffer for your art.


  1. Sure, it's the weather's fault. Uh huhn. :) Not something like splodey heads going off here and there. No target acquisitioning happening at all, eh?

  2. I understand that you must suffer for your art...but why do I have to?

    I'm also buying from Beastly, now, since he's not such a big slacker.

    Or maybe he is...

    I'm confused.

  3. As Janiece points out, there is a certain satisfaction gained from suffering for your own art.

    At the end of a recent shoot, the director walked over to me and my Assistant Location Manager and thanked us for a good day. She didn't miss a beat and said, "That's our motto. Suffering for your art since 1989."

  4. If it makes you feel any better, be glad you don't live in Morgantown.

    We have more rainy days, and more inches of rain than Seattle.

    I MUST have the AC on when I'm refinishing in the basement, because outside is usually way to humid.


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