Saturday, February 9, 2008

Off Today

We're off to Anchorage today.

Yesterday was my birthday and today my wife is letting me look at the tool stores for my present. Then we'll do a little shopping and get an early dinner at the Glacier Brewhouse.

So, until tomorrow, I'll leave you with this:


  1. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your man-present!

  2. Uh, there's something disturbing about that phrase.

    Thanks, Janiece, and I will enjoy it.

  3. Speaking of disturbing - your new avatar is, uh, interesting in a funny and disturbing manner

  4. Happy Birthday,

    And she's photoshopped it a little since posting here.

    Now she's got cowFangs.

  5. Yes, yes! Sabre-Toothed Cow Fangs!

    Because my Hot Mom loves me, yes she does.

  6. Happy happy, Jim.

    Saw the weather in Alaska, the damn Ruskies sent you a present.

  7. Thanks all for the bday wishes.

    Steve, the weather here is fairly good today -2F, light winds from the south at about 5 knots. Sunny and blue skies. In January, it don't get any better than that - so, yeah, maybe the Roooskies did send me a present.

  8. And Happy Belated Birthday!

    Hope you had people to sing off key to you to help you celebrate!

  9. Belated happy birthday!

    (Sorry, I got distracted by the Bush funny on my way to the comments...)

  10. In that previous comment - I meant to say in Feb not January. I'm slowly losing my time binding ability now that I'm retired.

    Yes, there was off-key singing, chocolate cake, and a huge monster prime rib at the Glacier Brewhouse.

    Frankly though, if my wife and son hadn't wished me the usual happy bday, I'd have forgotten all about it.


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