Friday, February 29, 2008


Just got back from Anchorage and lunch with Tania.

She lied in that previous post - as it turns out, she's every bit as cool in person as she is online and on the phone. She made me laugh several times and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My wife, Becky, was able to join us for a couple of minutes, despite being in the middle of a hectic day - so, like Tania said, bonus.

It's funny talking to her, it was like meeting an old friend. We've all spoken online so much that there really wasn't any surprises. Tania was exactly as I expected her to be, and I'd have recognized her across the parking lot, if she hadn't seen me first.

Tania had get back to her business meeting, and I had to get home to pick up my son from school, and the hour went by way too fast. As we were walking out, we wanted to get at least one picture to prove to you all that we had actually met - and in front of the Moose's Tooth were a couple of Minnesota State Hockey players, drinking beer and waiting for a table. We got one of them to take this picture.

One thing you might note, Tania's tall (okay, I'm not particularly tall my self, but still...). Also she'd said something funny right at the moment the Hockey guy snapped the shot, which I think makes a cool picture.

We'll get together again, next time Tania's in town - and hopefully we'll have a little more time together.

Thanks for a great time, Tania, good to finally meet you in person.


  1. Yep, it's so much fun meeting online people offline for the first time. It's like you've known each other all along (which, well, you have). ;)

    That's a great expression you've got in the picture. Just begging to be LOLed.

  2. Checking in from Anchorage International Airport...

    Yes, I am that tall. And that wide... It took a long time for me to accept that I'm built on the scale of a linebacker rather than something more delicate.

    Jim was delightful, charming, funny, and he gave me one of his beautiful pieces of wood - it's a nifty covered container. I sniffed it in front of him, and then wondered what he thought of me sniffing it.

    Becky was delicate, petite, and gorgeous. Nice, too. Jim's got himself a keeper.

    So, I'm now drinking the beer that I responsibly DID NOT during our lunch and patiently waiting for my plane to board (in about an hour). I'm close the gate and have free wi-fi and a beer. I'm happy.


    That is a great picture--although Jim looks eerily like someone I used to know in that picture--more like the picture of him several years ago than the picture on the sidebar.

    And Tanya,

    I think you look lovely--I adore your hair! (Yes, I'm one of the curly haired people that always wanted straight hair.) Though I'm wondering if you weren't cold standing outside without a coat on. (My grandmothers fault. Anytime one of us steps outside (say to run to the box and get the mail) she tells us we're going to get sick because we aren't wearing a coat. So now everytime we step outside, we make sure to yell "I'M NOT WEARING A COAT!" So you can feel free to tell me the same thing.)

    To sum up, I'm jealous of all you people who get to meet each other!

  4. Cold?

    We're Alaskans, it was 28F out, that's a fine spring day.

    And don't let Tania get all humble on you, she's quite attractive - definitely hotchick material.

    Oh, and Tania, as far as sniffing the wood - I was impressed, that's the first thing a real woodworker does.

    And one of the major cool things about the Ted Steven International Airport - Free Wifi, which is about the only thing Uncle Teddy ever gave away for free...

  5. Tania,

    I think its funny (especially since it was Jim you were meeting), that you refrained from having a drink.

    I totally expected to order a beer when I had lunch with John, and for some reason I haven't got a clue about, I just drank tea. I like tea...a lot, but I made a conscious decision to forego the beer.

    Weird, huh?

  6. Very cool to see a picture of the two of you! Jim, you look ever so slightly afraid of Tania. ;)

    Glad you two got to meet!

  7. As Alaska is one of the few states I've never either lived in or visited, it appears I must go there some day. And us Minnesotans also know that 28F is a spring day.

    I'm envious... uh, I mean happy for you persons/people who have recently gotten together offline.

    And Tania, Jim's right - you are hotchick material. You husband is a lucky man.

  8. Y'all are making me blush. I'm just always surprised at how much bigger I am than other people.

    Hey, I got to see scars on the back of Jim's head. That was cool. I bet you're all jealous now.

    Oh, Jim. John finished processing the moose head and had it disposed of by the time I got home. Yay! I now have a fridge full of moose bits, but no moose head still in my kitchen. Thank goodness.

  9. Yeah, nothing worse than to come home from a trip to a severed moose head :)

  10. Tania's a Hot Chick, no doubt about it!

    With Red Hair. We likes red hair, we do, precious. I'll be (re)joining that club today!

  11. Wow, you are beautiful, Tania. (No being humble allowed!) I particularly like your hair. Really beautiful cut and the color is lovely too.
    It really is fun getting to meet UCFers, isn't it?
    I'm jealous of all your good hair. Maybe I should go sassy and red too. ;)

  12. Oh yeah... Jim, you're obviously a find too. Or would be if you didn't have that wierd look on your face. ;)

  13. Go Janiece, It'll be good to find our which version of red you opt for.

    Thanks for the nice comments on the color, I will pass along your approval to my friend Lisa. She's an apprentice hairdresser, and I let her practice on my head. She'll appreciate the feedback.

  14. This meeting of UCF people in person is really neat-o. And Jim's expression is classic!

    I'm reminded of a friend (Boston) who met a lady (California) on-line, and IM chatted with her for 2-3 years. Then they met. He came back, and IMed her for another 6 months. Then they met again, and got engaged. He moved out to California, and they've been married for about 4 years. Still very much in love.

    Not saying anything about the love and all, just the meeting after knowing each other on-line. Being friends and then meeting. That is sooo cool!

  15. My best friend is someone I knew online for a year before we met in Real Life. I also met my husband online (>11 years ago -- I was an early adopter?). My parents were convinced he was an axe murderer for quite a while. :-)

  16. Thinking about what MTW said...

    When we ran a BBS, one of the networks we were involved with has a picnic one summer. It was planned in advanced, and so we had individuals from Conneticut and Chicago as well as PA where the Network was based (and of course us from WV).

    Since it was on neutral ground (a park) and we knew much of the attendance in advance, it was safe, and we had a blast. It was incredible to meet people we'd only had text contact with before, and I learned a lot about human nature. For instance--the girl who flirted with absolutely everyone online, had CF and was confined to a wheelchair. The guy who drove me nuts in the political message bases because he was obnoxious and never listened to a damned word anyone said? A half blind and rather sick WWII vet who relished the excitement. (I never did grow to like him, but it was hard to *hate* him after meeting him.)

    It's an great experience, and as I said, I'm jealous of all you who get to meet each other!


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