Thursday, February 21, 2008

Please Stand By, Again

My internet connection is blinking in and out.

We're now in the third week of my ISP's area upgrade.

In addition to the server issues, I've had a rather large number of cable company workers roosting on top of the utility poles in my neighborhood for the last several days.


I can't really complain, they gave me a month's credit on my cable and internet service. But, damn, I wish they'd get this job done soon.

Anyway, if you don't hear from me for the next couple of hours, it's because somebody pulled my plug. Look at the bright side, it just means I can start drinking early today - ur, I mean I can take the time to finish those bowls. Yeah, that's what I meant. They should be basically done today. I'll get them photographed this afternoon and up for your perusal tomorrow morning.

Unless my ISP has other plans.


  1. Do I have to stand at attention, or can I slouch, or even recline? Reclining is good!

    (sits down and puts feet up on table)

    It's nice an quiet--this looks like a good place for a nap.

  2. ahh I see. Look here, Michelle, you can put your feet on the coffee table, you can call the cat a bastard (hell you can put your feet on the cat for all I care), you can doze off reclining or otherwise - but I'm not, repeat not, going to stand for bad puns around here.


  3. Sure...I'm sure the bowls will be posted tomorrow...


  4. (jumps up)

    Not doin' nothin'! Nope!

    (looks around wild eyed)

    Oh. Hi Jim.

    What do you MEAN I can't pun? Playing with words brings JOY to my pitiful meaningless life! (sniff)

    (sad look)

  5. I swear to the Great Bird of the Universe, Janiece, I'm working on it. I'm polishing your bowl compulsively even as we speak. I've gone without food, showers, and hot monkey love for a week trying to get it done. I working on it, my child may turn to crime from the neglect I've shown him this week, and my wife may leave me for Juan the Hairdresser, but by all that is Holy I will post the damned pictures tomorrow.

    (Hot Monkey Love, I crack myself up)

    Michelle, well, OK since it brings you Joy (is that Almond Joy? or some other form of gratification?), you may pun freely.

  6. Jim, the idea of you making such sacrifices for your art really touches my heart.

    Okay, not really. And I really don't care much about the presence of Hot Monkey Love in your life. Feel free to keep such details to yourself in the future...please.

    Besides, I got my fix from the Beastly, which I will blog about tomorrow.


  7. Damn that Beastly.

    And you want to talk hot monkey love? talk to Beastly, he's got some stories. And since he's single, he can actually tell them.

  8. Actually, I don't want to talk about Hot Monkey Love. Seriously. NO.

  9. Does that mean Janiece doesn't want to know about the discovery that gorillas sometimes "do it" facing each other?

    (Really, it's scientific research! From National Geographic!)


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