Monday, February 25, 2008

Bowl Status

I moved this post to the top of the queue, wasn't sure if everybody concerned was seeing it way down there below the Rondy post.

I've gotten a few confirmations, still waiting on others (that's ok, just keeping you all in the loop).

OK, this is what I have so far

#42 Available
#43 Rserved for NeuronDoc (confirmed)
#44 Reserved for Janiece (confirmed)
#45 Reserved for Tom (confirmed)
#48 Reserved for Tania
#49 Reserved for Becca
#50 Provisionally reserved for Kate

- NeuronDoc has requested a duplicate of #43.
- Anne C. has requested a piece similar to #45, with some additional specifications
- Shawn Powers has requested a duplicate of #48.
I'll get to work on those this week, expect at least two weeks before completion.

Note to Kate: Anne C. has requested some special work and has noted in comments that if you are still interested in #50, it is yours. I'll hold it for you until 0800ATZ, 26 Feb (Tuesday). If you haven't spoken for it by then, I'll mark it as available to all again. No pressure tactics here, just want to make sure you get it if you want it.

If I missed something, or there are any problems, corrections, second thoughts with the above, so note in the comments - or drop me an email.

All who have a piece reserved, please email me at jlwright@gci.net, including the following:
- "Birch Bowl" in the subject line
- Payment method you prefer, i.e. paypal email, or check via snail mail.
- the address you want the piece shipped to

Yes, I know some of you have already emailed me, please, do it again. I didn't quite get the spam filter programming right, most of you ended up getting eaten be the moat monster. I've managed to retrieve most, I think, but I can't be sure (I've been getting spammed hard the last couple of days and the queue overflowing with enough male-enhancement to jump-start Dick Cheney)

I'll have more pieces available probably once or twice a month, depending.

And thank you all, for your interest and comments.


  1. Thank you Jim. Email sent. Looking forward to getting this bowl.

  2. Becca, you're welcome. It'll get shipped out within the next two days and be on the way to you. Hope you enjoy it.

  3. No rush at all on my bowl. Thanks for having another similar hunk of wood. :)


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