Friday, February 22, 2008

Bowl Update(d)

They're done. Mostly.

I've got to run up and get my kid from school.

After that I'll take the pictures and get the post together.


Udate: I'm working on it. I swear to God, if I have to stay up to midnight, I'll get this post up tonight - or tomorrow morning.

But, I had a couple of unexpected events happen in the last couple of hours. Nothing earth shaking, just had to go help out a couple of people and had a couple of phone calls. Right now I'm fixing dinner, so it will be ready when my lovely wife gets home (Roasted Chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing - and that take precedence over the bowls. Hungry Wife = Mean. And I have to live with her, it's the law. The worst you people can do is call me names).

So, after dinner I'll go finish the pictures and work on the post.

It will be up tonight (even if I have to back date the post tomorrow).


  1. Well, I could get trampled by a moose, that's true...

  2. I'm with Janiece.

    Promises, promises.

  3. Ah crap. Look, it's like the friggin' universe is fighting me - it's just going to have to wait until morning. I need to fix a couple of issues, and I'm just too damned tired right now.

    Yeah, I know, more excuses.

  4. It's all good. We can wait. Right, guys? RIGHT?

  5. [on the Alaskan horizon, a small hodgepodge group of bloggers approaches, dragging legs, and looking otherwise quite zombieish]

    UCF minus Jim: Boooooowwwwwls... Booowwwwwwls...

    Jim: CRAP, it's zombies. I KNEW I shouldn't have dealt with actual life, and I should have appeased my online friends. Look what's become of them.


    Jim: Yeah, I get it. Shh. I'm thinking. Who could I call to help me with zombies? Normally, Chuck Norris would be a good pick, but he's at Huckleberry's candidacy funeral...

    UCF minus Jim: BRAI^?^?^?^?BOWLS!!!! BOOOOWWWWLLLLSSSS!!!

    Jim: I know, I'll call the boy scouts! Their leader is very good at dealing with social minorities. I'm sure he'll help me draft emails explaining how zombies are ruining our good country!

    [Jim picks up phone, which is dead]

    Jim: CRAP! Stupid VoIP phone. My Internet connection is down again. I guess I'm on my own.


    Jim: Look! A Pony!

    UCF, including Jim: Hey! We should come up with pony names for ourselves!!! Yeah! Awesome!

    [Our scene closes as Janiece hits a zombie pony with a shovel...]

  6. Snort. Thanks, Shawn, I really needed that. And it takes a lot to get me to laugh before the coffee has finished brewing. A lot.

    OK, once I've had a cup of coffee and gotten the fuzz out of my head I'll get to work on this.

  7. C'mon, Shawn. I wouldn't hit a pony with the Shovel of Doom™, zombie or no.

    I'd hit the Boy Scout leader.

  8. Especially if he was the Zombie Boy Scout Leader of Doom...

  9. LOL, I see Shawn has been saving up all his funny powers for the weekends. :)

    My pony name shall be Sugarlump.

  10. Great. Now my husband is looking at me funny because I'm sitting here cackling!

  11. Anne said "Sugarlump." Hehe.

    I shall be "Hank," named for the famed Superbowl Ad Clydesdale who finally made the team.

    Did I mention I love Clydesdales?

  12. Did I mention I love Clydesdales?

    Me too...

    (wait for it, wait for it)

    ... on a bun, with pickles and ketchup. With a cold beer.

    Pictures are being uploaded as we speak. Sucking the hell out of the bandwidth, wee.


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