Friday, February 8, 2008

Internet woes - Updated ARRRG!

Well, my internet connection was down for about eight hours yesterday. Again.

According to some insider information, my ISP's local node is undergoing an upgrade. Which I certainly understand. The MatSu valley where I live is growing tremendously in population as people migrate out from overcrowded (and expensive) Anchorage into the valley. Despite the housing bust, there are a huge number of new houses going up here in the Palmer/Wasilla area (yes, we build houses in Alaska even at 20 below zero, that's just the way we are), and the phone and cable companies need to continually upgrade their capacity. So, outages - but eventually we'll have better connections and expanded service options.

Still, it's harshing my mellow, so to speak - and eight hours seems a tad, uh, excessive.

And so far this month I've been down on and off for about twenty hours total. Yeah, I'll be calling customer service today and asking for my bill to be credited. I'd email them, but their email server is currently off-line. Yeah, that's how my day is starting out.


And right on schedule, 9:00 AM, my connection dropped out. Goddamnit! It came back, but I don't expect it to last. I'm on hold with the customer service department right now...
Whoops, just talked to Gabriell. Credited for the whole month, cable TV and internet. That's what I'm talking about. And I've got the work schedule - expect outages from 9-5 for the next two weeks. Rock on - I can work around that. So, if you don't see me until this evening, you know why.

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  1. Over here (Pakistan) we're feeling the effects of the severed cables off the cost of Dubai. My DSL is out and I have to rely on dial up!


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