Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just one of those days

Okay, folks, I have to run up to customer service at my ISP, I'll be back in a while. And I have to go now, because that's the way it is. So, it'll be a bit on the bowl post.

Now, about the bowls, I'm in the process of uploading hi-res pictures to my Flickr Pro account. It's taking a while. You may view what's up right now by going here.

I'm a bit reluctant to sell my stuff this way, because it is so difficult for you to tell exactly what you're getting from a picture on the internet. Art is funny that way. I don't want anyone who buys my stuff to be disappointed, or to feel like they've been cheated. Therefor I want to make sure you have high resolution pictures and complete descriptions of what you're buying. And that's taking a while, and yes I'm being anal about it and that's making it take longer.

The rest of the pictures will be up in a couple of hours. Then I'll post low-res pictures here, along with a detailed description of each piece, and it's price. Number 44 has been reserved for Murph Da Mick, though she is entitled to change her mind about it. As to the rest of them, before deciding if you want one, wait until I finish uploading the rest of the pictures please. Then I'll describe how you may purchase one and who gets what. And here's the thing, if you want something, but somebody else beats you to it, tell me and I will make you a similar piece - only better. So no need for trampling, elbowing, and Who Concert Behavior (and if you don't get that, it's because you're not old enough, and you can keep that shit to yourselves).

Back in a bit


  1. So far, I'm lovin #48. The things that appeal to me are:

    1) Low sides

    2) No delicate filigree

    2) "Thick" walls and bottom (I'm not sure how thick 48 is, but delicate isn't my thing...)

    3) The imperfections look awesome. The character of the burned and missing "chunks" is awesome.

    I'm not reserving yet, just commenting. ;)

  2. oooo... then #49 comes along. I likes me some #49 too. ;)

  3. I like 49, too. They're all so cool...

  4. Well, I'll have me a #43. Maybe 2, since I want one as a present for someone...

  5. I don't want to be a big greedy maerialist (okay, I do), but I would like #46 in addition to #44, as long as that doesn't mean someone else doesn't get a chance to buy.

    I'd like it as a gift.

    I may put my name on some more, or some of Beastly's, depending on how fast they sell...these may be my Xmas gifts for 2008.

  6. I'm thrilled because I love the filigree so it appears I have no competition. Muahahahahahahaha!
    I like #50, #45, and #43, of course.
    I love the idea of giving these as Christmas gifts, Murph. ('Cause at this rate it'll be October before the full shop is up... just kidding, Jim!) I want everyone to have one, 'cause they are so beautiful, and my family tends towards the "appreciate natural things" side of it. I might even just tell everyone to go to Jim or Beastly's sites (hint hint, Beastly) and pick out which one they like best.
    And to soothe Jim's worries, I will be the sacrificial lamb and buy one for myself first so everyone can see if they like his craftsmanship and turn the offer down if they want to (ha, like that would happen).

  7. you da man!
    I almost want to buy some too!

  8. #50 is beautiful!

    I would be very interested in inquiring about it, since it would make an exquisite bread bowl for dinners.

    All the work is wonderful though, Jim.

  9. I would like Birch Bowl #45. It is beautiful. E-mail paying for me. I'll send you an e-mail.

    I may be asking for lighting suggestions, too, depending on where it ends up.

  10. Oh wait! Where did all these other comments come from? Did Anne reserve #45? If so, she's got precedence over me.

    So I'll wait to see who #45 goes to. But if it doesn't go to Anne, I do want it.

  11. I would like to buy #49 if you could give me a price and it hasn't been spoken for.

  12. No, Tom, I haven't posted on the official reservation post yet, so no problem. I see Kate really likes 50 (another of my faves), so I may have to wait for a similar piece. No problem there either.

  13. Oh geez, Anne! I didn't mean to totally walk all over ya. I totally didn't see your comment until I posted and read back.

    It's yours!

  14. Kate, as I said to Jim in the email I sent him, my "claim" was really just admiring rambling. I can't lay claim to all three that I said I liked, now can I?
    No, you said you liked that one in particular. Plus, I am content to wait for a future bowl and it will be made especially for me! Who can turn that down?
    #50 should be yours. :)


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