Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bowl Status

#42 just sold, so the only one I have left at the moment is #50 (which is an awesome, awesome, piece - so, you know, get it while you can).

Updated Original post is here, including pictures and links to #50 (which is still available).

NeuronDoc, the second piece you requested is done, except for some finishing work. It will be piece #51. Both #43 and #51 will be ready for shipment on Monday, 3 March. I'll email you with the details, and post pictures here and on my Flickr gallery.

For the others that have requested additional pieces, they're in progress and should be mostly done next week. I'll post details when I get closer to finishing them.

For those of you who have already purchased pieces, thank you, and they either shipped yesterday or are shipping today - in about an hour. They're coming via USPS, insured. Expect 6-10 days before the package arrives on your doorstep. I sincerely hope that they meet your expectations and that you enjoy my work. Thanks again.

I'll have more pieces available online in about two weeks.

#50, it's available. Just saying.

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