Wednesday, December 12, 2007


People still ask me how I can stand to live in Alaska.

"Winter, how can you stand it? It's so cold and dark!"

I usually say that I like winter because in winter there are no bugs and no tourists, but this might better illustrate the real reason. For every 20 days of bleak howling wind and bitter, soul numbing snow - there are days like this:


  1. You got snow! That's great. It was grim and gloomy when I was up there last week.

    There is nothing more beautiful than a sunny Alaskan winter day with fresh snow. Thanks for sharing your pics!

  2. Yeah, last week was pretty foul.

    This week is awesome. I noticed that none of the Midwesterners have weighed in though, I guess they're sick of snow already this year. Babies.

  3. I don't know if Denver counts as the Midwest or not, but it's snowing right now and I'm not the only one pleased to see it. Several people I know are planning skiing/snowboarding excursions this weekend.
    (I'm feeling even more intrepid than usual because of the warm fuzzies I have for my all-wheel-drive that is doing wonderfully well in the snow.)
    So... :P


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