Monday, December 10, 2007


Here's a question for you:

Who are you compared too? Are you flattered by this comparison, or not so much?

Me? Well, there seems to be a consistent theme:

I've have been repeatedly compared to Ted Danson's character of Dr. John Becker from the TV sitcom Becker. This doesn't bother me at all. John was a curmudgeon, easily irritated and he tended to rant - traits he and I share. But Becker always did the right thing, eventually. And he had a good heart, even if it was covered in scare tissue. And he was very, very good at what he did. I can live with this.

I've been compared to John C. McGinley's character Dr. Perry Cox from the TV Sitcom Scrubs. This also does not bother me. I watch Scrubs reruns almost every night, it's easily one of my favorite shows, ever. Cox kills me, he's very very good at what he does. He's also a smart ass. And McGinley is one of my very favorite actors, ever. If they ever make a movie about me, I hope they get McGinley to play the lead.

I've been compared upon occasion to Hugh Lauri's character House, from the TV Drama House, M.D. Can't say I care for this comparison much. House is an ass. He's good at what he does, but he's a self-involved jerk and frankly I just don't care for the character all that much, I wouldn't want to know him, and I wouldn't want him to be my doctor. Also, he seems to be wrong, a lot, and can't seem to admit it - even if he does eventually get the right answer. Don't get me wrong, I like the show and Hugh Lauri is a terrific actor, but I can't stand the character House (which I think is exactly what the show is aiming for).

I was once compared to Nathan Fillion's character Malcolm Reynolds from the awesomely fantastic TV show Firefly. This tickles me beyond words, for many reasons. This comparison only happened to me once, I wish it would happen more.

Several military folks once compared me to Viggo Mortensen's character of Master Chief Jack Urgalye from the shitty Demi Moore movie G.I. Jane. They very much intended it as a compliment. Uh, not so much. I disliked Urgalye. I also disliked the movie, intensely. I also dislike Demi Moore, intensely.

For the record, except for a very slight, passing resemblance to Viggo Mortensen, I look nothing like any of these people. The comparisons are, I think, prompted by personality. Make of that what you will.

And you? Who do people compare you to?


  1. I don't recall ever being compared to someone from a personality standpoint. From an appearance standpoint, I've been told repeatedly that I look like:

    -Groucho Marx
    -Gene Shallit
    -Frank Zappa
    -Jim Croche (sp?)

    You might surmise that I've got a somewhat bushy mustache and eyebrows. Also, it occurs to me that these people are all currently...dead. I need me a new living doppelganger.

  2. Huhn, someone once compared me to Jayne from Firefly, I think that's mostly because I shout at the TV, "Just f^^@%ing shoot the guy already. Stop talking him to death." Or if it's Star Trek, "Vent the bastard." Personally I always thought I was more like Wash.

    Someone once said I was like the Jedi in the background kicking the ass of the majority of opponents and winning the day so that Yoda could save up to go all mexican jumping-bean over Christopher Lee.

  3. Almost forgot, at a former job my coworkers brought in a newpaper report showing a security camera picture of a bankrobber that I was a dead-ringer for. They put it up in the break room with a sign, "Have you seen this man?"

  4. I've been compared to a "mama wart-hog" when it comes to being protective of my sailor's well-being. I think that was a compliment, but considering the source, it's tough to tell.

    I've also been compared to Mary Black, the Irish singer.

  5. Well there have been so many. mostly for looks but my favorite is the Alton Brown comparison. Damn if I was only that good at science...
    I can cook though and just thought all that science stuff was PFM.

    Comparisons stink and they are only means of people putting a person in a category anyway.

  6. In my youth, I was constantly called Doogie Howser, both because I looked slightly like him, and because I was the annoyingly smart kid.

    In my adult life, I'm most commonly compared to Chandler Bing (from Friends). This happens a LOT. Sadly, it's largely true.

    My sideways looking avatar with the yellow hat got me a, "You look like Mike Rowe" comment on the Whateveresque forums. I took that as a compliment, even if it wasn't terribly accurate in real life.

    On my recent Linux Journal review videos, I've been told I remind folks of Alton Brown. I have no idea who that is, but I see beastly mentioned the same name, so it must be a real person. I have no idea if that's good or not.

  7. Shawn Powers, if you don't know who Alton Brown is, you should - he's got the best damned cooking show going. And he's got some pretty great cook books out, I've got all of them (this is not extraordinary in an of itself - as I collect cookbooks - but Alton rocks).

    And Beastly is correct - when he was younger, he was a dead ringer for Brown. Still could be a close brother. And I myself have compared him to Brown upon occasion.

    Steve, for some reason - I can see you as a bank robber, in the rob from the rich give to the poor kind've way, though I have no idea whatsoever what you look like.

    Nathan, Zappa? Coolness.

    Janiece, I know what you look like - and mama warthog is about the last thing I'd call you. I'd probably just stick to Senior Chief, much safer that way. :)

    Oh an while we're at it: Beastly, tell these Jokers why, exactly, that they don't want to hear me sing, or see me dance. Seriously.

  8. Jim,

    I hate to push you around in your own blog, but this isn't the thread I hijacked. Please take your "I can't sing, I can't dance" puling to the proper thread. (Where you can be properly beaten into submission).

    *whip cracks*

    Back to the doppelgangers

  9. Jim Wright (properly Chastised on his own blog), aye Nathan. God knows I don't need any more whip marks. eh heh.

  10. I can't recall anyone ever comparing me to anyone famous, but someone did recently call me a "mysterious, mythical creature that lurks in the depths, waiting to strike at any moment" in a roleplaying community. Of course, that just makes me a big fish in a very small pond, but I was tickled anyway. ;)

  11. Shawn Powers, it occurs to me that Chandler Bing ended up with Courtney Cox - so, you know, I'd take the comparison as a compliment. Really.

  12. Well, you're mixing your metaphors a bit -- Chandler Bing ended up with Monica Geller, but yes, point well taken.

    Courney Cox actually ended up with David Arquette, who played a mildly pathetic stalker of Phoebe's twin sister on the show...

    And yes, I've seen Friends waaaaaaay too much. My wife has every episode from every season, and enjoys watching them often. I must admit, I don't hate the show either. I mean, that Chandler guy is great. :)

  13. A friend claims I resemble Ingrid Bergman, but I don't think so. However, that doesn't mean I don't find it incredibly flattering.

    Personality-wise, I mostly get a lot of "you're a bit different, aren't you?" comments. But no comparisons to persons famous, infamous, or otherwise.

  14. Ooooh! Ingrid Bergman. One of my favorite actresses of all time - and a classically stone cold beauty if there ever was one. As to the "you're a bit different," I'd take that a major compliment. And Ingrid herself was a bit different.

  15. I liked the first couple of seasons of Friends, but in the later seasons I started to find the characters, uh, cloying. And Ross especially irritating - you kept waiting for him to grow up and stop whining like a little git. But it never happened.

  16. I always had a crush on Ingrid Bergman and then had one of my very few moments of stammering starstruck fanboy-itis when I worked on a movie with her daughter Isabella Rossellini.

    Not to burst any bubbles out there, but most of the actresses you drool over, don't look that good before they come out of make-up or before they get lit properly, and in some cases require special filters on the camera. No shit.

    Isabella Rossellini is truly drop-dead gorgeous getting out of a taxi at 4:30 in the morning. And nice as hell, too.

    And the only character on Friends who never lost me was Phoebe.

  17. Isabella Rossellini! Nathan I believe I have developed a major case of envy. You bastard.

  18. Viggo Mortensen! Nathan Fillion! You're playing in the big leagues, there, guy. Nathan can eat crackers in my bed anytime.

    I don't really get compared to anyone -- I guess that's a good thing. :)

  19. Jeri, I actually resemble any of those actors, I think people were comparing me to the character's personalities. Personalities.

  20. I believe Jim meant "I don't actually resemble"...

    I've never been compared to anyone. My sister once said that I was like a big tree she could hang on to in a storm, which was rather nice, but no person. Well, let me amend that: I do get the "haven't I seen you before" or "you look like my third grade teacher back in FL," so I must have a pretty ordinary face. As for my personality, it's been called "strong."
    My sister, on the other hand, was frequently compared to (looks-wise) Neve Campbell and my brother to Matthew Fox (so the casting folks at Party of Five did a good job). I also have a friend who looks like Dianne Lane. She claims to be irritated by it. Yeah yeah, it sucks to look like a movie star. Third grade teacher though... now that rocks.

    Nathan, what you say about stars only looking great after the hair and make up is something I point out to myself any time I notice a particularly gorgeous shot of an actor or actress. Yes, I too could look that good if I had an entourage, dammit!

  21. Anne, you are correct - I meant to type "I DON'T actually resemble..."

    I typed that comment last night around midnight, when it made perfect sense.

    I don't know that I've ever been compared to an actor due to looks - I'm usually compared to a character due to personality.

  22. Anne

    The two most egregious instances I recall:

    You may remember Linda Koslowski (Crocodile Dundee and a string of crap afterward) was the "hot chick" of the moment in the late '80's. When she showed up on set every inch of exposed skin (legs, face arms) was pockmarked and cratered like a lunar landscape.

    I (literally) walked into Geena Davis once at Century City in L.A. I'm not especially tall and she's a complete Amazon. I think my nose almost reached her breasts. At any rate, I take a step back and start to apologize profusely. I was sort of shocked to silence when a.) I realized who I'd walked into, and b.) I could see the line on her neck where the make-up ended and also noticed that the make-up was slathered on like a primer coat of spackle.

  23. Jim, I always thought of you as the MI equivalent of George Carlin, but that's just me.

  24. I can live with that. Haven't seen you around lately, thought maybe they deployed your ass.


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