Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Deep Thunder Update 2.2

New posts up.

We've jumped forward a month. Things have taken a nasty turn.


For some reason, blogger has stopped emailing me when new comments are posted. Not sure what the problem is, I'm working on it. So, if I don't notice your posts for a while, that's the problem. Either that or I'm out in the shop.


  1. Yeah, I noticed that too - the lack of emailing. Also, I keep getting intermittent "Google has encountered an error" messages when I try to load up a page. Hopefully these are all just temporary glitches that will go away soon.

  2. Hopefully. Usually they post a message when something goes to crap on Blogger. I've always found them to be very go about it. Don't see anything yet. I zap CS an email, see what's going on.

    Glad it's not just me though

  3. Also, according to statcounter, the number of totally bizarre google searches finding my blog have skyrocketed in the last day. Searches for stuff I've never talked about keep ending up there. It's been kind of amusing. ;)

  4. very good, NOT very go.

    Damn comments needs an editor, since I SUCK at detecting errors before I post. Which if you've read the deep thunder post you've already figured out. I've corrected an even dozen mistakes since I posted and there are probably more. SSSZZZZT!

  5. Yeah, me too also with the weird searches.

  6. Jim and MWT, I've noticed the same issues. I think we're experiencing "technical difficulties."

  7. Mixing logins...pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

  8. Ah HA!

    Funny, I did get this one in email. Strange, maybe more Angel tomfoolery afoot! Be alert.


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