Friday, December 28, 2007

Please Stand By

Major spotty internet this morning.

Both the cable internet connection and the cable TV signal were out this morning for several hours, and are fading in and out at the moment.

So, if you don't hear from me for a while - that's probably it. Either that, I've gone completely around the bend from the effects of Christmas Break and I've thrown myself off the patio balcony and have been consumed by wolves.

More later if the connection stabilizes.


  1. Lookee, Lookee kids. We can put anything we want here and Jim can't do squat about it. Well at least until he unclogs his interpipes.


    Hijack! Hijack! Hijack!

  2. Oh, Yeah, Oh, Yeah, Oh Yeah!

    ::Dances About::

  3. No offense, but you guys are really lame at insurrection.

    Do I have to do everything around here?

  4. What? No ability to leave comments on the tentacle porn site?

    Also - I like the fact that BrainofShawn and tentacle porn are now irrevocably linked. Forever.

    Still having intermittent connections issues. Just tried to upload a couple of pictures, no dice.

    And lost connection in the middle of a post. Oh well, just gives me an excuse to spend the day in the shop.

    Hijack away.

  5. And once again, I can't say how proud I am that if some random guy shows up here they're just gonna scratch their heads and go WTF!!

    I'm just kvelling

  6. Kveling: I just learned a new word. Man, I knew this site was going to pay off some day!

    Nathan, I do love the fact that the first yiddish word on the wiki list is 'bagel.' I didn't know bagel was a yiddish root word.

    On the other hand: the giblets page was just dirty fighting, dirty, dirty. I mean, I find it tasty, but the rest of them are a bit weak stomached...

  7. And Jim,

    I never thought about the origin of the word, but here's where bagels come from.

    My mother thought it was blasphemous when Burger King started offering bagels with bacon and egg for breakfast.

  8. Right up there with Ham & Matzo soup, and Kosher Pork Rinds, eh? :)

  9. Hey there, I'm an initiated Chief and a Shellback. I doubt Nathan's organ meats are going to make me lose my lunch.


  10. Janiece, well I guess that would depend entirely on what you mean by "organ" meat. eh heh, bahdumpbump.

    On the other hand, to this day I canNOT abide the smell of either vegamite or fish oil. Just saying. Oh and I prefer my raw eggs without the okra, raw oysters, and capers. (it's an inside joke for you non-Chiefs out there).

    And if you really want blasphemy at the drive up, go to Maine and order a McLobster roll. Just saying.

    Technical note: Looks like the internets are restored to their usual crappy service here. Rah.

  11. Oh, and I'm a Golden Shellback. Yes, yes, I am - because I was just stupid enough to do it twice.

  12. And as long as I'm at it, I'm also a Blue Nose - because you just can't ride over the north pole in a P3 with a gallon of sherbet in your lap wearing only your skivvies and not brag about it.

    And I have only most unique certs in Naval Service - the Double Dipper. Because as long as you're doing idiot traditions, you might as well jump into both the Pacific and the Bearing Sea within the same hour, in December, in the middle of a blizzard, with 40 knot winds. Ah, Shemya - no cable, no internet, entertainment is where you find it.

  13. I just took the dog outside in my underwear -- but that only gets me the idiot part. It did make my six year old laugh.

    It is blizzarding though, so at least I'm a brave idiot.

  14. OK, dude, so you get extremes of longitude and latitude. I'm impressed. What do you get for South Pole?

    And let me know when you mount you journey to the center of the earth.

  15. Oh, and if "Nathan's organ meats" starts getting hits on Google, I'm gonna be pissed.

  16. I always wanted to winter over at McMurdo, never got anywhere near it though. Navy doesn't do much in Antarctica these days, damn the luck. That's the only continent I haven't been on, and I doubt I ever will.

    I was going to ask why Shawn felt the need to walk the dog in a blizzard wearing only his Spider Man underroos, but on 2nd thought I decided to just let it go.

  17. Nothing terribly interesting. Wife's dog -- but she's sick. I'd rather walk the dog outside than clean up puppy poop, so there ya go.

    The underwear part is because he started sniffing the carpet, and I didn't think I had time to find pants. As to why I had no pants on -- well, I honestly don't remember.

    I did put on boots though.

  18. Yeah, Jim, but what do you get called if you take some massive ice-breaker/tractor/hovercraft/anti-grav craft (registered to the navy, of course), across the South Pole, and what do you have to eat, touch, wear or sing?

    And Shawn, if you can't remember why you had your pants off...Ur dooing it rwong!

  19. Nathan, there are several depending on what exactly you do:

    The Antarctic Circle Certificate
    The Order of the Penguin
    The Society of the South Pole
    The Wintering Over Certificate

    And then there are other non-official certs for various weird and bizarre acts.

  20. If you know anything at all about me by now, its that I want to know about certs for various weird and bizarre acts.

    I can wait though.

    ::whistles away into the dark::

  21. Nathan,

    Traditions include jumping in the ocean, and climbing Mount Erebus, and such like that.

  22. I'd really like to go to Antarctica. One of the retired gentleman I help with computer questions went a couple years ago, and showed us tons of pictures from the trip. It looked pretty amazing.

    I'd much rather go somewhere with snow for vacation than somewhere with sun and sand.

    And giblets aren't disgusting to look at any more than a cold, raw plucked turkey or chicken is disgusting to look at.


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