Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Deep Thunder Update 2.1

Okay, obviously I didn't get new Deep Thunder posts up yesterday. I was overtaken by events. Sorry, but it happens.

However, this morning I will get it done. I'm not doing anything else until I do. Back later.


  1. You state that you do a lot of wood working. as some one who has a lot of friends who are profesional carpenters, cabinet makers and such, i must ask. how many fingers do you have?
    cool blog by the way.

  2. Ed, I have all of my fingers, and despite the Navy's best efforts to the contrary, most of the rest of me as well.

    I'm very careful in the shop, one thing you learn in the Navy - only an idiot forces a safety. All of my machines have full guards and safeties, along with kill switches that I can hit with a knee or hip if necessary. I've added additional guards to some of my older equipment such as the Powermatic 77 scrollsaw, or designed custom safeties for homebuilt equipment such as my router/shaper station.

    I plan each operation carefully and follow reasonable safety guidelines, such as not wearing long sleeves or loose clothing near the lathe for example. And I always wear eye protection, always.

    Still, despite the precautions, I have cut myself fairly badly a couple of times. Usually on the lathe when a piece suddenly comes apart. Additionally, I have serious nerve damage in my left arm and hand, and since I'm left handed this causes me problems. I occasionally slip with a chisel or lose my grip on a tool and cut myself. So, I have a very, very good first aid kit in the shop, and the local emergency dispatch on the shop phone speed dial. Just in case.

  3. Jim, quality over quantity. We can wait, snark to the contrary.

  4. Damn, woman, now you want quality too? Will this hell never end?

    Heh, kidding of course. I'm working on it.

  5. Ya know, I keep meaning to getting around to starting Deep Thunder. Every time I don't get around to it, it just gets longer.

    Damn you Wright. Take a couple of days off and maybe I'll get caught up.

    BTW, PM waiting for you on the "e"

  6. Nathan, I replied to your message on teh 'e.' I think.

    I'll take your Heinlein or that funny looking book on Jesus, by his childhood friend Biff.

    Oh, and much thanks by the way, I'm nine kinds of tickled you thought my submission was good enough to qualify.

  7. Nathan, oh, you mean that message. Got it. And reply sent. Thanks, you're a prince - the prince of darkness maybe, but nevertheless... :0

  8. "Nathan, Prince of Darkness."

    I feel a new Meez coming on...

  9. Janiece

    Your wish is my command. But you'll have to go back to "e" to see it. I couldn't get it pasted in here.

  10. *snort, snort*

    I think we should introduce Prince Nathan to Schultzy Route, Porn Princess.

  11. Man, I was busy on the phone and writing and missing all the fun.

    I'll head over to check out "Nathan, Prince of Darkness."


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