Saturday, December 1, 2007

Various and Sundry

New post up on Deep Thunder. More this weekend. It's coming together.

I'm going to be out in the shop most of the day. There may be pictures later.

The new battery for the CX2618 came in yesterday morning, exactly as Best Buy said it would. Plugged it in, charged it up, works get. Yah, Best Buy.

Janiece Murphy, former Navy Senior Chief and regular Stonekettle Station commenter has opened up her own shop here. There are smart men and hot, hot chicks there. So go, read, enjoy - and don't say anything stupid.

More late, must go make saw dust.


  1. Thanks for the pimpage, Jim, and I'm looking forward to seeing the latest fruits of your labor.

  2. But I already said stupid stuff on her site. You gotta give us the rules EARLY, Jim...

  3. Well they're more like what you call guidelines than actual rules...


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