Thursday, December 6, 2007

And another one bites the dust

See? This is why we wear protective equipment when woodworking.


I was within minutes of being finished with this piece. I had increased the RPM's to apply the final burnishing (see the nice shine on that broken piece?) when suddenly I heard cracking noises. I had just enough time to knee the kill switch and step back. Boom! and it split down the middle. If you look at the piece still hanging from the chuck, you can see bark wood along the broken edge. That particular flaw was not visible until the bowl exploded. Crap!

At least I didn't get hit this time, the flying pieces went the other way. Left a dandy dent in the dust hood you can see just behind the broken pieces.


  1. So do you sell these bowls, Jim? (Not this one) As I'm certain you know, a fancy bowl would make an incredibly unique gift. And one where you halfway sorta know the person that made it? Even cooler.

    Just curious.

  2. I do sell them, Shawn, and I'd be happy to sell you this one, cheap (S&H is double though, because it'll come in more than one box...God, I kill me).

    Seriously, I do sell them. And you're not the first to ask around here (pipe down, Janiece).

    I've posted a few examples of my work, they're in the archives.
    and here are a couple.

    I won't have any available until January at the earliest. All the ones I have right now are spoken for. And this one is part of three than I was doing on consignment. The other two are cut, and are awaiting texturing, decoration, and finishing. Tomorrow, I'll have to start over on this one. It happens.

  3. Oh, sorry, those examples in the previous comment are for anybody joining us late. Shawn has seen them, in fact I think he commented on at least on of the archive links.

  4. tooting a merry tune on my pipe because Jim didn't tell me to pipe down.

    Glad you didn't get any on ya, Jim.


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