Sunday, December 9, 2007

Astro, spacedog.


  1. I guess I'm stoopid today.

    Cool, but Huh?

  2. Obviously a couple of pilots doing the zero-gee flight profile (watch the sun terminator line, you can extrapolate the ballistic curve), except somebody forgot to strap down Fido.

    I love how cool the dog is. I love how he floats around and sticks his head between the pilots, like it's just a ride in the truck. That is one cool dog.

  3. That and the dog looks like he is about to lick the pilot's face just when they start pulling out of it.

    Poor puppy, he didn't ask to have stupid owners.

  4. Yeah, the dog is awesome. No panicking, no thrashing, just goin' with the flooooow.

    The dog is incredible.

  5. stupid owners

    it's more than that, they're also dangerous. Look at everything else floating around the cabin when they hit the top of the arc. That's what the navy calls a missile hazard. Major doubleplusungood in the cockpit. Any of the that crap could have hit the pilot in the head, obstructed the flight controls, damaged the aircraft, or obscured the pilot's vision at a critical moment. I wouldn't fly with anybody stupid enough to pull this maneuver without proper preparation. These two guys are dangerous idiots.


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