Sunday, December 2, 2007

Just a suggestion

At a loss as to what to get me for Christmas? You can all chip in and get me this:

This would make me happy, especially if it came with the optional flamethrower and kung-fu grip.


  1. I saw this over at Whateveresque.

    So very, very cool.

    Me wants, me wants, too!

  2. I hadn't seen the whateveresque (man, we've got to find a shorter abbreviation for that). I came across it using Stumble.

  3. Maybe "que," as in over on teh Que, man!

  4. We can be lazier than that.

    I suggest just W or e. C'mon I have faith in our slackering as art.

    BTW, Jim, I think you'll find you don't miss anything over there (that you want to see) if you click on "View recent posts" whenever you visit. that's what I do.


    p.s. i'll get around to finding my google account sign-in info or setting up another account.

    See? Lazy to the limit.

  5. I'm rolling in lazy today.

    Shoulder hurt too damn bad to do much of anything today, so I'm dozing on the couch.

    Nathan, you can use the "nickname" option without having to sign in.

  6. Ooh. shiny laziness.

  7. Happy to enable your laziness (mostly because it assists me in being lazy, ahhhhhh) Now, I must send the kid to get me another beer (kidding, I'm kidding - as far as you know...)

  8. Jim, as we've all discussed lately, any illusions we have about knowing our online budz is just that...illusion.

    Having said that, I have no problem picturing your kid outfitted with a little mini-stun-gun (set to really low power of course), and operated by remote control. Zap the kid and a beer shows up a minute later. Two zaps is for "Answer the damned phone".

  9. Remote Controlled Electric Dog Training Collar.

    I said CLEAN your room! Zzzzzzssssst!

    Not that I've given this any thought or anything.

  10. The thing is...we could go back and forth on this one, but, admit it. You'd love to have a zappable kid who gets you whatever you want at the moment. You know you do.

  11. Well, yeah.

    Until they invent the general purpose domestic robot, that is.

  12. You know that both the zappable kid and the domestic robot will rebel on you eventually, right?
    That's the plot for about 25% of the horror/sci fi flics out there. So be prepared with a "backdoor" brainwashing/programming thing in case of rebellion.

  13. You know that both the zappable kid and the domestic robot will rebel on you eventually, right?

    Yeah, yeah, I know. Eventually I'll end up chained in the basement pondering the error of my ways until the rebels discover the secret passages that lead to the dungeon and free me to use as a figurehead for the inevitable rebellion against my son and his pet robot. Sigh.

    Not that I've thought about it or anything, it's just that I've watched a lot of crap movies on the scifi channel...

  14. "free me to use as a figurehead for the inevitable rebellion against my son and his pet robot."

    Because, of course, being the son of the Emperor of the Universe he would have aspirations of his own. Makes a lot of sense. Too much sense.

  15. yeah, but he's my son - and as such I'm obligated to let him usurp my throne. Obligated. I'll even have to look all surprised and such when it happens. Drat, stupid evil empires story lines.

    Unless, of course, I send him off on a dangerous mission of conquest. Hmmm there's a thought.


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