Saturday, May 30, 2009

Migration Heads Up (Updated) (Updated Again!)

Updates at the end of the post. Stonekettle Station has moved!

Please leave a comment under this post, so that I know the changes and redirection are working.


I own the stonekettlestation internet domain and its several variations.

Over the next couple of days I'll be (hopefully) migrating this blog from the Blogspot domain to its own Stonekettle Station domain.

It's entirely possible this process will go off without a hitch.

Possible, but unlikely, because as you know - the universe likes to screw with me.

Once the blog is rehosted, you should be automatically redirected from the original stonekettlestation.blogspot.com to the new site, and then you can update your bookmarks and such.

I'll let you know before it happens.

I expect to make the switch either late Monday or first thing Tuesday morning.

Thanks for your patience while we undergo these fabulous new renovations in order to serve you better and blah blah blah.

You have been warned.


False Alarm. Everybody calm down. No need to panic.

Seriously everybody take a deep breath.

Christ, I even mention moving Stonekettle Station and the stock market takes a dive, GM files for bankruptcy, there's panic on the switchboard and chaos in the streets.

Fine. Fine. Fine.

I'm not moving. There are issues and it's more work than I have time for at the moment.

So, you do have time to prepare yourselves. Please do so. So that we might make this transition in the future without further undo panic and social disorder.

However, I am making a few small changes here and there on teh Internets.

For example: If you type www.stonekettlestation.com into your browser's URL address line, you'll be seamlessly redirected here to stonekettlestation.blogspot.com. Cool huh? I made that change world wide, this morning. All the major routers are onboard with it (Note: I do not believe that this is the direct cause of GM going tits up, however even if it is, sacrifices have to be made in the name of progress. I can't be concerned about every little company out there).

Anyway, you may notice subtle changes to your reality. All is well, do not panic.

Update X2

Ok, I lied.

I moved. You didn't even notice, did you?

Stonekettle Station's new permanent URL is www.stonekettle.com

Please update your bookmarks and linkage as necessary.

NOTE HOWEVER, that the original blogger URL, stonekettlestation.blogspot.com will continue to work (duh, obviously, since you're here).

ALSO NOTE: since www.StonekettleStation.com also belongs to me, it will redirect to www.stonekettle.com until I find something else to do with it.

ALSO NOTE, the linking and redirecting and various internettry is still shaking out, don't be surprised if there's a little weirdness for a day or so.

I'm done making changes for the moment, frankly I'm tired of monkeying around with computer crap today. In addition to moving Stonekettle Station to it's new domain, I installed a new router and wireless access point - which required that every wireless device in the house (and there's a lot) be reconfigured to the new encryption and access point. Which in turn meant that the stupid server wouldn't accept any of the other machines as fully privileged peers because it no longer recognized their connections. It was a firewall issue, which has now been reprogrammed to recognize MAC addresses rather than the original static IP addresses from the local network. Why did I use static IP addressing originally? Well, because I used to have two different network print-server adapters that would only use static addressing (hey, they were old, what do you want?), and additionally I used static IP addressing to record a log from the nannyware and parental controls installed on my son's computer. Static IP addressing made that much easier to manage. Additionally static IP addressing made my network more secure, the wireless access point was set to only accept specific static IPs and reject all others. Yes, it's more work to set up, but when I first set up the network I was living in Southern California, where wardriving is a sport - and so is connecting to your neighbor's WAP and downloading kiddie porn.

The old print servers have long since been removed from the network, I no longer live in Socal (thankfully), and I don't need the nannyware anymore. But I never updated the router or firewalls or yadda yadda because it worked the way it was.

Until I swapped out routers. Then nothing worked. Blast!

It's all fixed now.

I got extended wireless range that works out to the shop. I've got the latest encryption. And I've got significantly improved wireless throughput. In addition, according to the Dali Lama, when I die I'll have enternal happiness - you, you know, I've got that going for me.

And because I know you were all curious, the Playstation 3 is now wirelessly connected to the new access point. Firmware updates are completed. It appears in the network map - and my son can now compete against his friends in Gears of War. Yay.

I am sick of computers.

I'm going to go make sawdust for a while.


  1. Are you going to a hosting service, or just redirecting to/from Blogspot?

  2. Poke, poke, poke. Jim is poking the Internet with a stick. I'm afraid...

  3. And I guess we'll just have to update jimwrightisanasshole.com, now won't we?

  4. I hope this means that you're finally going to clean out your moderation queue.

    Last time we checked it was just filthy in there.

  5. Janiece, I'm doing it in stages. First just redirecting, later a complete rehost. I've got shit to do this week and the full up transfer is more effort than I've got time for.

    Doc, poking the internet with a stick is what I do. Well, it's sort of what we all do, come to think of it.

    Randomized Michelle, stop touching stuff. I swear, I can't leave you alone for two minutes...

  6. I just hope i can still get on from my work computer, if i don't get my daily dose of stonekettle i think i'll break down and twitch helplessly on the floor.

    :fading voice: please Jim promise me i'll be ok.

  7. Take a deep breath, Marine, you're going to be OK.

    Like I said the universe hates me, so the migration will probably be a day of me cursing while listening to Abba or Air Supply on the phone and waiting for tech support - and end with me putting everything back the way it was anyway.

  8. Jim,

    Moving on up! I look forward to it.

    And jab the Marine with an atropine auto injector to get him going again!


  9. Jim, I already own the HCDSM.com domain name, and it currently redirects to HCDSM.blogspot.com. When I tried to publish on a custom domain in blogspot, it went wonky, so I changed it back (as I didn't have time to fuck around with it right then).

    I think I'll let you figure out how to do that, and then share your vast knowledge with me.

    Thanks, Jim - you continue to be my blogging mentor. hehe.

  10. Good luck, Jim! (And my god, that's a gorgeous photo in your header...)

  11. Oh great. Upgrades for No Good Reason. (grin) What could possibly go wrong?

    Dr. Phil

  12. If it was Word Press, nothing would go wrong.


    I've hand coded my blog, used Movable Type, and used Word Press. Word Press is the best of the three. I've never had a problem with upgrades, the migration from MT was a breeze, and I love the widgets and plugins, and once I figured out what was going on, I find it far easier to modify the template than MT.

  13. Let the heads begin to explode! Good luck with the completely unnecessary upgrade. When the west coast internet backbones go dark, we'll all know who to blame.

  14. What is this "west coast" you speak of? There's never been a west coast to the U.S. It just ends around Nebraska, just like Lewis & Clark found in the early 19th century. There were rumors of great mountains in the west, but after seeing the reality of Kansas, it turned out to be just tall stories.

    Or are you trying to write some alternative history?

    Dr. Phil

  15. The few times my blog has been messed up has been due to my own stupidity, and WordPress made it very easy to fix (as long as I remembered to back up the blog to begin with - thankfully I did each time).

    However, as Michelle has already touted the beauty of WordPress, I shall back off and say nothing further (it's very easy to host on your own domain, btw).

  16. Dr. Phil. Hmm, so that's why all my trace routes out that way keep bouncing back. Here there be dragons. It makes so much sense.

  17. Oh, I've also used blogger and live journal.

    Prefer WordPress to that as well, though I haven't used either in a couple years.

  18. _____________________________
    Comments below this one are after the URL redirect.

    Please leave a comment so I know things are working//Jim

  19. Here? You want me to leave a comment here?

    Is it clean and sanitary?

  20. Hey! Where is everyone?


    Well, in that case, where's the chocolate and where's the whiskey?

    (starts opening drawers)

  21. Hmmm... what's THIS? Just how much time did you spend in SoCal anyway?

  22. AH! Here it is!

    (grabs bottle of whiskey and plops down on the sofa)

    Remember! I have a resistance to iocane powder!

  23. We lived there for 4 years, Michelle. In Fallbrook, between San Diego and LA, just outside the back gate of USMC Camp Pendleton.

    I was stationed out of San Diego at the time.

    I mentioned it a time or two here.

    Or maybe that was the old blog, I forget now.

  24. for gods sakes Jim I'm a jarhead, not a computer whiz

  25. That was AMAZING the way that innuendo just flew right past you! Usually I'M the one who misses things.

    You got any chocolate to go with this whiskey?

  26. BTW Jim, you made my sidebar.


  27. Chocolate, you know. Made from cocoa beans and sugar? Makes women happy? Really yummy?

  28. You are there now, which is different than where you were her then.

  29. visions of wrong things dance in my head, curse you Michelle no i've complete forgot what i was doing

  30. I'm good for that. Here, have some of Jim's whiskey.

  31. Obviously the redirects are working.

    Now that I see what's happening, I sorta wish they weren't.

    Smartasses, the lot of you. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

  32. Michelle, drunk on chocolate and Irish whiskey, now there's a frightening thought...

  33. Less frightening than the idea of me on caffeine.

  34. it's no betrayle my friend Jim for you see

    i am the eggman
    they are the eggmen
    i am the walrus.

  35. I'm HHEEE-EERE.

    I shall now await your e:mail about how you did this in Blogger so that I may copy you like the unoriginal NCO that I am.

  36. Email?

    After an hour of chat?

    Then what? Skype?

    Good Lord, woman, you're killing me.

  37. Is the new location supposed to pop up all those porn site ads?

  38. Think of those as an added bonus

  39. It's be a bonus if it were something other than Jessie Ventura porn.

  40. "Christ, I even mention moving Stonekettle Station and the stock market takes a dive, GM files for bankruptcy, there's panic on the switchboard and chaos in the streets."

    We all thought you knew. You've been put in charge of the universe, but it only works when you're not thinking about it.

  41. WOW i had no idea jess ventura was so flexable, love the switch though Jim it was very seamless

  42. Michelle, sorry I'm late...was there any whiskey and chocolate for me??
    Never mind, found it! Thanks!


  43. Crap. Who started the party without me. And now there's no more chocolate.

  44. And now no whiskey either? What kind of place are you running here???

    (kidding... I KNOW you would NEVER run out of whiskey.)

  45. What? A change over? And I'm late and missed all the chocolate?

    Oh, no, God! Oh, dear God in heaven!

  46. But, why's all the rum gone? That's what I get for coming in late.

    Oh well. Maybe there's some chex mix in between the couch cushions.


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