Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today is the Day

...that I finally go see the new Star Trek movie.

I've deliberately avoided reading basically anything about this flick - so I'm going without any expectations at all.

Prior to its release I heard a number of fans pissing and moaning about the franchise "reboot." Frankly, a reboot of the series is about the only thing that would get me to pay money to see it. The last few Trek movies, and basically any flavor of Trek series since Next Generation, have been so lamely recycled that it was like watching Zombie Roddenberry shambling along dropping body parts.

So, I'm looking forward to a complete reboot.

Well, that and going to the theater is about the only time I'm allowed to have Junior Mints.

Back in a while.


  1. I saw it last night and enjoyed it tremendously. The whole reboot idea was its saving grace, in my opinion...

  2. Please hide your review under the cut--didn't make it out of the house except to go to the store this weekend.

  3. I'm not going to get to see it until next weekend. :(

    something about needing that new contact prescription so I'ze can see the screen...but then I have the 3 day weekend to plot and plan!! Whoot!!


  4. I'm not sure Blogger even knows how to do cuts...

    And I did the same thing - avoided reading anything about it before seeing it so I could go in with no expectations. It'll be interesting to see how you come back out. ;)

  5. Junior mints...did you say Junior mints...
    "Take for example when you go to the movies these days, you know. They try to sell you this jumbo drink, 8 extra ounces of watered
    down cherry coke for an extra 25 cents. I don't want it. I don't want that much organziation in my life. I don't want other people thinking for me. I want my Junior Mints. Where did the Junior Mints go in the movies. I don't want a 12 lb. Nestle's crunch for 25 dollars.
    I want Junior Mints."

    Junior mints!
    Whatever happened to Junior Mints?
    Where are my Junior Mints?!

    Jimmy Buffett, "Fruitcakes" 1994


  6. You're not the boss of me.Holy crap! I hear this all the time from the kid. And she's only 6.

    I am interested in hearing your take on it.

  7. One of the more interesting, yet caustic souls on the Internet is SF/H writer Nick Mamatas, a.k.a. nihilistic_kid on LiveJournal. He hates with a passion people who try to tell him he "must" post spoilers behind a cut or with a warning. He figures, "my blog, my rules" and that if you know him, you know what to expect. Of course, some people think that makes Nick a dick. (grin)

    Somehow given that there is a whole website dedicated to "Jim Wright is an asshole", I'm pretty sure everything I said about Nick Mamatas can be applied to the ol' Stonekettle Station and its owner...

    Just sayin'. (grin)

    Dr. Phil


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