Monday, May 11, 2009

The Joys of Parenthood

It's 3:30AM.

I'm awake. Sort of.

No, I don't have insomnia. Far, far from it. I was having absolutely no problem sleeping before my alarm went off.

Right now I'm sitting here waiting for the coffee to brew and I'm awake (sort of) because I have to get my son to school in about 45 minutes.


Well, see he plays the trombone. He's in the jazz band. The jazz band is off on a trip to Seward this morning and they've got to leave early in order to catch the train out of the Anchorage station. He going to be gone for two days and not back until around midnight tomorrow.

Now in theory this sounds like a great idea. Two days of peace and quiet for his mother and I.

At 3:30 in the morning though, I admit that the idea seems a little less than great.

Coffee's ready. Yay.


  1. Wait until he starts to drive.

  2. Good luck, Son of Jim. Play that thang.

  3. I shall not shut up. All of you shall FEEL MY PAIN.

  4. Jim, at least you're not awake at a gawdawful hour waiting for him to come home.

    Janiece and John and Natalie and Jim: HA HA!

  5. Oh the joys of musical travel. Played in the county's youth symphony when I was a yout. Think we went mostly on day trips, but did get to go to Albany to play in the state capitol once.

    Here's to musical fun!


  6. Reminiscent of my high school's day trips to ski at Alyeska. But, we went in a school bus.


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