Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Posting, if it occurs today at all, will be delayed until later.

I'm busy, I've got some technical issues, and I've got a headache - but mostly I'm just really, really busy and under some time pressure.

I've got a big job in the shop, and I'm applying for a temporary consulting position with the military and I've got to get the paperwork together. So, you know, that takes priority.

In the mean time you may bask in a little Jealousy


  1. (plops down on the metaphorical sofa, puts feet on the table and pets Shop Kat)

    Hey! Where's the chocolate?

  2. Good luck with all your tasks.

  3. Thanks, Matt.

    So far it's going OK, but not as fast as I'd like. I'm making Amish style baskets, but of a different design than the ones I posted about last fall. If you're just making one, well, you know that's easy enough. But I need to make a lot, so I've got to make templates and jigs, then work out the production steps - and it's taking longer than I like because the customer wants the basic design improved over the original woodwork he gave me as an example. It's a challenge, and one I really don't need at the moment.

  4. (comes in and rummages behind the big green scary looking machine over there)

    Move over, Michelle, I've got the chocolate.

  5. Hey -- lookitthat -- we posted at the same time!

  6. (scooches over on the sofa)

    Mmm! Chocolate! Where's Anne?! I thought we were gonna have a bitch session?! Set it up on her blog and everything!

  7. No bitching.

    Just pet the cat or something.

    Also, no singing. It makes the dog howl. It's distracting.

  8. I would imagine your volume probably doesn't necessitate this, but have you ever thought of an entry-level CNC router? Shopbot makes some for small shops, but I couldn't tell you what the starting prices are.

  9. Damn! The girls beat me to the sofa!
    Alright, I am sure Jim won't mind if we just move a little of this stuff around..I'll just move this big bo-
    Was this already in two pieces?
    Quick, someone find me the duct tape.
    (shoo's away Shop Kat and gets busy..um..fixing..um..modifying the seating arrangements)

  10. (hands Kim some chocolate)

    (puts feet up on whatever is in front of her)

    So if we can't "bitch" can we instead discuss the imperfections of people our lives and what steps we should be taking to improve their forward progress?

  11. ::wanders in aimlessly munching on pop-tarts::

    So what's on TV? Mmmm, chocolate?

  12. I brought the WINE!! Nice Reisling.

    Now if we can just find those whine glasses we hid last time...
    ah, geez, will ya look at all the sawdust on them?

    Oh, wait, this is the shop. Sawdust good, little extra fiber never hurt anyone.


  13. La-la-la-la, mee-mee-meee-mee, hum-hum-hum

    Hey, where'd everybody go?

  14. Sorry, Doc, just got back from Anchorage. Posting is just going to be light this week. I'm strapped for time. And speaking of which, I gotta go take care of a few things right now.

    Back in a bit.

  15. I didn't know I was supposed to look for you *here* Michelle! Geez. (Like I'm supposed to search all over the UCFverse looking in all the comments to find you... grumble grumble bitch bitch...)

    (see how I sneaked some bitching in there?)

  16. Well where else do we sit around on the metaphorical sofa?

    And you found it didn't you?!

    So today sucked SO MUCH....

  17. Jim, I meant my singing (if you can call it that) had chased everyone away. Sheesh.

    And Michelle, I really need to tell you about the ... mmmfer ... blahdeblah ... shhh, he's still here.

  18. Oooh! Secrets!

    Also, while we're talking about nothing, what the hell is up with the CDC's new badge policy? Just names and no pictures, but the badge will get you into any CDC facility anywhere?

    Either someone has gotten stupid, or the gov't agency local to me has badly explained what's supposed to be happening.


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