Friday, May 22, 2009

What You Waiting For?

Over on Twitter, Random Michelle made a comment about being “super-hyper” and that reminded me of this video.


The Rushes, What You Waiting For


I’ve mentioned this band before. They’re from London and I really dig them.  Still can’t seem to buy their stuff in the US though, at least not anywhere outside of iTunes.


  Magic 8-Ball Jesus gives this video 2 thumbs up and a sandal clap.


  1. Yes. Yes he is. Come join us Natalie. You know you want to.

  2. Neurondoc, even John McCain is on Twitter.

  3. Jim, John McCain is not an inducement to join Twitter. You guys Borg'd me into starting a blog. Twitter might make my head fall off. :-)

  4. You guys Borg'd me into starting a blog. Twitter might make my head fall offNeuronDoc, you will be assimilated, resistance just makes it more fun.

  5. Twitter is FUN! And you don't have to follow a zillion people, y'know.

  6. I'm still resisting having my own blog...BWAHAHAHAHA!!


  7. Good luck, Wendy. That's what I said....


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