Friday, May 15, 2009

Microsoft Math

Rounded to the nearest zero.


Yep, that’s an actual screen shot from my Vista system this morning. One wonders if NASA uses Microsoft math for programming the trajectories of its planetary probes – because it would certainly explain what happened to the Mars Climate Orbiter which was supposed to orbit Mars at an altitude of something like a hundred miles, and ended up at an altitude of, uh, zero feet.

Maybe the Treasury Department should take a look at this.

Zero national debt.

Thanks, Microsoft.


  1. That is why I only have to pay half of the mortgage. Thanks, Microsoft...

  2. That's because Microsoft is evil.

    And Vista is a nasty steaming pile of poo.

    Which is why I'm sending this on my telegraph.

  3. Many years ago there was something called "new math." Microsoft obviously updated it and developed new NEW math for use as its corporate policy.

    Worse, they've got the gub'ment using it as well, which explains a whole lot...



  4. Yeah. This is one of the reasons why I'm still on IRIX/OS X.


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