Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yes, I am a slacker

I am now running behind this morning. Because, instead of doing something constructive, I spent the last two hours photoshopping funny pictures for the LOLCreashun contest over on Scalzi's Whateveresque. I've got two different entries on page 2, the higher res originals are here. I will probably do more, because 1) I'm having fun, and 2) I really want that personalized copy of The Ghost Brigades he's giving away as the prize.

(And NO, I did not find the double dammed Corel Paint Shop Pro CD, I went out and bought Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 because I figured I wanted the newest version anyway. X2 is the bomb, it beats the socks off Adobe, and costs about half as much. Runs great under Vista.)

Now, I've got to go plow snow again, and then run to the Post Office and do a couple of other errands. When I get back I've got some writing to do and some posts to make over on Deep Thunder.

So, you know, be patient and shit.


  1. I like the one with Snarkin' Scalzi. That's teh tres funnay. :)

  2. I thought the Coke Zero was a nice touch. But hey, I'm my biggest fan.

  3. More plowing? What did Mrs. Stonekettle Station do before you were retired? Or did she not work then?

    Disclaimer: I am perfectly aware that Mrs. Stonekettle Station is completely able to do her own snow-plowing. My question is really where did she find the time? Seems like Jim is always plowing.

    Side note: When my husband was between jobs, he took care of all the domestic stuff around here, earning him the nickname "pool boy" in my family. Thankfully he's got a wicked sense of humor, and took it graciously. Jim, can we start calling you "plow boy?" Hee!

  4. Oddly enough, my wife refers to me occasionally as "pool boy."

    Yes, Becky is perfectly capable of plowing, and she often did when I was away on business. But when I'm home I do it. Before I retired I'd either do it before I left for work, or after I got home. One of the advantages of using an ATV with a plow is that the 4-wheelers have headlights, so plowing in the dark isn't an issue. On days where it was really bad, I'd just go into work late (It was good to be the XO, nobody ever asked where I was).

    And I still haven't got outside, got distracted by a phone. Now, I'm going. Back in a bit

  5. Oddly enough, my wife refers to me occasionally as "pool boy."

    I knew I was going to like her. Go Becky!

  6. You people in Alaska sure are a strange bunch, using that Corel Draw thingie. :)

  7. Hey, we can't all be Mac users, Steve.

    I like Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 a lot though. I've got Adobe photoshop, but I like Corel better, just seems to fit my work habits better than adobe. Yeah, I know, no accounting for taste.

  8. I skimmed through the LOLCreashun thread, but since I missed the LOLCat train long long ago, it took too long to decipher the texts of most of them to make it funny.

    That being said, I think yours are hilarious and are immediately understood. And I'm not biased at all. Not. At. All.

  9. Could be worse. You could be using Photostudio, which is what came with my Canon printer/scanner/copier. I like it quite a lot. It does everything I used to do with Photoshop (which wasn't very much).

  10. I've got a copy of that around here somewhere. Came with a camera or something. Never installed it.

    I like Corel X2 Pro, a lot. Very easy, very professional results.

    Just put up yet another LOLscalzi. On page 3, entitled "Messin' with the Homeschoolers." Original is on my flikr site. Goddamn I'm having fun with this.

  11. Oh, yeah, almost forgot - Thanks Anne.


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