Monday, November 19, 2007

Caution, Addictive Time Waster

I stumbled into this. Normally I would have gone right on past, since online games rarely interest me - however there is something strangely weird about the graphics and addictive about the game. I managed to make it to level 9, let's see how you do.



  1. I got to leve 10, and am now swearing off. Because I really don't have the time to waste.

  2. Actually this game is a lot like treading water. If you survive past level 15 or so, you can survive forever. It stops getting any harder after that point, and after I passed 40 I got kind of bored and stopped. They probably should've ramped up the difficulty a lot more gradually. Also it needs a pause button.

  3. Yeah, yeah. I managed level 15, briefly.

    It's definitely easier with a mouse than with a touch pad.

  4. ... also, after level 99 it runs out of level counting room and says "10" for the next ten levels, then "11" for the next ten after that ...

    *shakes fist at Jim*

    *head, desk*

  5. Hah!! I thought it was just me - I had to force myself to stop at 99. Must. Stop. Playing.

    But see I'm proud of myself, MWT, you're a professional game player - but I made it to 99 too!

  6. Congrats (I think). ;)

    Yeah. I didn't really need no stinkin' wordcounts tonight. *cough*

  7. Jeez, we are so pathetic...

    Yes, yes, in spite of my protestations to the contrary, I did go back for more.



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