Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oh Noes, we're becoming girly men!

See, this is exactly why I have well water.


  1. Ah, come on, Jim...you don't want to be blasted with estrogen? They made a CSI Episode based on that premise, so you know it MUST be true.


  2. Well, considering the amount of calcium and iron in my well water, estrogen probably wouldn't make much difference.

    But, to be honest, if I developed breasts of my own, well, I'd probably never leave the house. I really don't see the down side, just saying.

  3. Well in one sense they are right. Water processing plants aren't geared to remove estrogen (or really many other things besides solids and metals), but their statistics are actually for the other end of water processing. I don't think I've seen any research on the water intake side. And there is an increase in xeno-estrogens in the general environment. All these plastics, that's where they come from. Burn a CDR, notice that scent, xeno-estrogens are in there. There is research on how this is suppressing sprem activity and count, but I don't think it relates to transgender or "male enhancement products." That's just scare tactics. Next thing you know they'll be saying is all a liberal/Hillary tactic (just like flouride was a commie plot).

    And my man-breast are my own, and they don't look all that nice (sure, give me a pair that rival Courtney Cox and I ain't going nowhere, that's why God gave them to women, so men would actually work, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it). And they have nothing to do with xeno-estrogens, but with having a barrel chest all my life and now not working out as much as I used to do.

    Another thing water processing plants aren't good for removing is drugs. Apparently a lot of prosac is getting into the streams and lakes which, also apparently, causes bivalves to reproduce like crazy. Just one of those things you learn by living with a biologist.

  4. Just one of those things you learn by living with a biologist.

    Here's the smart men/women/others in our lives! Remember, guys, Hot Chicks Dig Smart Men!


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