Monday, November 19, 2007

Diet Coke and Mentos

Have you seen the lunatics over at Eepy Bird?

I love these guys, in a strictly one-man-admiring-another-man-making-a-living-by-goofing-off sort of way. Check out some of their other videos.


  1. My goodness. These guys clearly don't have enough to do.

    Perhaps they'd be willing to come do my chores...

  2. They're actually making money off their website, a reasonably decent amount of money from what I understand. Which is just plain cool. Anybody who can make money doing fun stuff, well, they get my whole hearted support. More people should make a living having fun, maybe there'd be less bullshit in the world.

    But, yeah, they could come up here and help with some of the crap I've got to do today. Could use somebody to hand up light tubes in the shop for starters. And while they're at it - I'd love to see what would happen with the Diet Coke/Mentos fountains in sub-freezing temperatures - that might be very cool (yeah, pun intended heh heh).

  3. I hear you. I think it would incredibly fun to work on Myth-Busters.

  4. My goodness. These guys clearly don't have enough to do.

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