Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Corporate Dúnedain of the Week

In yesterday's post I said that I was ambivalent about Veteran's Day - mostly because I despise the hypocrisy of politicians [and corporations] who use the day to make empty promises to vets. However, I failed to mention that there are those who do literally 'put their money where their mouth is' when it comes to veterans.

... all 485 Golden Corral restaurants across America will offer any person who has served in the United States Military (including National Guard and Reserves) a free dinner buffet and beverage – no identification required and no questions asked.

I'm not much of a buffet fan (Jimmy Buffett, yeah BIG ugly parrot-headed fan - 'All You Can Eat Buffet', not so much), but these people rock. Seriously. This was 7th year that the Golden Corral has offered free meals to veterans, in partnership with the Disabled American Veterans organization. This is more than a token gesture, Golden Corral has served over 1.5 million meals to vets over the last seven years. That's pretty dammed outstanding.


  1. Might be a cheap commercial (like providing free cigs for Red Cross Packages), but a salute in their direction never the less.

  2. Steve, true. But they have put up millions of dollars. And while some of that may come from their advertising budget, it is still a much more concrete gesture than that of the politicians who used Veterans Day as a way to further their own personal goals without doing anything concrete in return.

    Personally, I'm fairly well off and I don't need a free buffet, but for some of the homeless vets, and for those living below the margin, Golden Corral's gesture means the difference between sleeping on street hungry and having a decent meal in a restaurant like a real person. Whatever Corral's motive, I've got to give them credit for that.

  3. Jim, I agree with you about the buffet (but not Buffett), and a "hat's off" to the Golden Corral.

    Go hot chow for vets in need!

  4. Janiece, I suspect that you and I are never going to agree on what constitutes good music - because you obviously don't know what good music is.

    Jimmy is the son of a son of the shit. Go Parrot Heads!

    But, I like you anyway.

  5. But, I like you anyway.

    Is that supposed to be a recommendation? Jeez.

    Actually, my antipathy towards Jimmy has more to do with unpleasant associations than with the music. He was just collateral damage, and in truth, I don't dislike him - I'm ambivalent.

    And watch your mouth about my taste in music, buddy - I'm quite sure you would be pleasantly surprised by the depth and breadth of my collection. And for the record, I never said a bad word about Mark Knopfler. I just said I didn't think he was the best guitarist of all time. Because, really. Come on.

  6. I just said I didn't think he was the best guitarist of all time. Because, really. Come on.

    You trying to start something? ;)

  7. Not me. I'm just engaging in my favorite sport - stirring the pot, then skipping off happily into the sunset.

    *Skips off*

  8. Aaaaannnee... they're fighting again!!

  9. MWT, nonsense. This is exactly how Warrants and Senior Chiefs interact. It's traditional - you mess with that at your own peril.

  10. Oh. Uh. Carry on then. I'll just be umm... over there bribing the yellowfin to bring their own butter.

  11. What's this? You guys talking about me behind my back?

    Jeez, take your kid to get their driver's license, and your on-line compadre's treat you like chopped liver. With butter.

  12. Well, see Janiece, when you start doing insane things like giving a 16 year-old a driver's license, you've got to expect a certain amount of talking behind your back. Just saying. How's the gray hair coming by the way? Did you let him drive home?

  13. I'm already a very good friend of Ms. L'Oreal, so my grey hairs are none o' yer beeswax, Warrant.

    And he's actually a decent driver, and pretty cautious in general, so it's not too much of a stretch for me. Now I have to find him a hooptie to drive. Since I'm already resigned to him having an accident in the first year, I'm just looking for something safe, reliable and inexpensive. Probably a Honda.

    I'll keep you all apprised of exciting events as they unfold...


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