Sunday, November 18, 2007

On you own for Sunday too

You ever notice how everything goes to hell all at once? Especially when you're having fun?

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the native heritage center in Anchorage, watching native dancing and other cool stuff. It was so cool that we spent a lot longer there than I planned on. So, in fact, I didn't get half the stuff done that I needed to do yesterday. So, I've still got a bunch of stuff to do today. Also I have the local Scout Master coming over to pick up the rain gutter regatta setup that I fixed for the local cub pack. This is a particular trial, since I really do not like the Scout Master, at all. And I suspect that today is going to be particularly difficult, as I have explained to him that I will no longer do any work for the scouts because I do not agree with their policies regarding gays and non-Christians. I've been polite about it, but I've reached a point where I simply am not going to be polite any more (it's a long story, I may tell you more about it someday).

I got up early so I could get out to the shop and pull the rain gutters and support trestles out and get them ready. Unfortunately, this morning I am in major pain, my shoulder is killing me (much more than usual that is), so getting the stuff down from the top shelf of my storage rack was seriously painful. And because I was having problems, and I am too stupid to ask my wife for help, I dropped one of the gutters and broke the end off. Which meant I had to fix it. Argh!

And to top it off, in the middle of the process, the final light bank burned out in the shop. This is not good.

I have three florescent light banks in the shop, which include 18 eight-foot lights. I've been slowly losing lights over the last year. In the summer this isn't problem because I work with both the high bay doors open and there's plenty of light. I also have workstation lights over specific tools. However in winter, when I have to have the doors closed (because it's, you know, negative 20 outside), the light banks become a whole lot more important. Unfortunately, replacing the lights is a major chore, the ceiling is 20ft high, necessitating either a lift or scaffolding. I'd prefer to use a power lift since I can quickly move that around the shop, however a 20ft lift rents for around $200 a day hereabouts. Scaffolding is a lot cheaper, about $80 a day, but you've got to set it up and moving it is a bitch. And I'll have to reposition at least nine times, and frankly I'm just not in the mood for it. Right now I'm trying to see if I can find a rental shop with a 16' step ladder. A step ladder is a serious pain, because of the size of the lights, but much easier to move than scaffolding and much cheaper than a lift. I suppose I should just buy one, but a 18' ladder runs around $400 and I don't need one all that often. I'll figure it out, but as you can see I'm a little strapped for time today.

So, you're all on your own today. Go have fun. See you tomorrow.


  1. I don't support the scouts anymore, either, for exactly the same reasons. A good program, but it bothers me that they're so exclusive (at least from my perspective).

    P.S. In the future, ask for help when you need it, bonehead. It's so much better than hurting yourself.

  2. I'm pretty soured on the Boy Scouts of America. Frankly, I think a better title for the organization would be the "Junior Republicans," though "Young Pioneers" or "Young Octoberists" would probably work as well.

    I myself was an Eagle Scout, years ago. I loved the scouts, I was an instructor at scout summer camps for 8 years. I went to Philmont in 76' and ended up with my picture on the cover of Boy's Life. But somewhere, in the last twenty years since I've been away from it, scouting has changed. The Xian fundamentalists have taken over. And they are busy pushing their anti-gay, anti-liberal, anti-non-Christian, anti-women agenda. They've got a long list of people that aren't acceptable - and that is definitely not something I want my kid involved in. I put up with it for a year, but every meeting was like attending Neocon fund raiser - I was starting to look around for white sheets or swastikas. No thanks.

  3. What about pulling the truck into the garage, and standing on it? If it's not tall enough, get even more redneck, and use a small stepladder from atop the truck.

    Oh, and don't sue me when you fall and stuff. (Awe heck, sue me, all you'll get is a big mortgage and a broken pickup...)

    Still, be careful.

    And don't listen to advice you get from blog comments. (There's a certain twisted recursion to that, which I like...)

  4. There's a certain twisted recursion to that, which I like...

    Shawn's twisted! We like that about him!

  5. Shawn, well, see I did think of that. And my truck has a cargo rack on top where I could mount a ladder. Unfortunately, it won't work because I can't maneuver the truck into position under all the light banks - there's fixed shop equipment in the way.

    I did find a ladder that will work though. Home Depot tool rental of all places, and for cheap too. $26. Wasn't able to do it yesterday because of the whole scout master deal. So I'll head up this morning, get the lights and ladder and get the job done.

    And I also enjoy your twisted recursion, that's sort of the whole point, isn't it? :) I think that makes sense, but then again it 5:30 AM here and I may not have had enough coffee yet.


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