Saturday, November 24, 2007

On Holiday

You may have noticed that posting has been rather light the last couple of days and that there's been no new posts over on Deep Thunder. Well, I've been spending anywhere from eight to ten hours on the computer the last couple of weeks and I figured this four-day holiday it was about time for a break - because I just really needed one.

I've spent the last two days out in the shop doing woodwork. I cut out ten new turning blanks. I've turned four new bowls and cut leaf filigree into one that has been drying for a couple of weeks. I had to quit because my hands were going numb, but tomorrow I'll finish up the bowl I've have partly done on the lathe right now. So, you know, expect a few new pictures.

Tomorrow morning the family and I will be getting up early and heading into Anchorage to take care of a few things. No, we're not going shopping, which is why we're leaving early. In and out before the crowds, that's the plan. Plus, it gives us an excuse to stop by our favorite small town restaurant for breakfast. So, there you have it. Don't expect anything in the morning from me, and probably not much later either.

However, I will be back to full production on Monday, I swear.

Now, If you'll excuse me - I'm going to watch the Battlestar Razor special. I have high hopes for this, and I expect to be entertained.


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  2. We watched the Razor movie yesterday (TiVo rules). Man, was that Admiral a whack-job. Even worse than I thought...

  3. Yeah, I enjoyed the hell out of the movie, filled in a bunch of the gaps I was wondering about.

    Cain was indeed a whackjob, but you can see where she was coming from in the context of the story.

    Also, I like the fact that they had the guts to make her a lesbian, and that the director and producers were neither shy or apologetic about it. She just was and moving on now.

    Now, if we can just get on with the next season I'll be happy.

  4. Anonymous, I don't put up with spam or starfuckery. Piss off.

  5. One of our first conversations of substance were about this show, so you know I wanted to think the world of it....


    Despite everything, I felt a lot of deus ex machina was going on. Don't get me wrong: the timing and plot interleaving was spot-on (especially in the extended cut, which won't be available until Dec 04)...but I felt like someone honest to god beat me over the head with the red herring.

    Something you've spoken about obliquely in recent posts has to do with character development. Yes, characters develop under stress; they also just crop up in the middle of things as well. It's hard to pick our heroes these days, and I think it's incumbent upon the writers to create something that outlasts their time on this earth.

    Plus the thing is lousy with red herrings. "all of this has happened before..." got sufficiently explained in season two; the only newness is, well, the oldness in Razor.

    All that said, though, it was good, and I got my fix.


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