Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On Second Thought…


Some of you questioned me on my impression of the 70’s today.

I came across this when writing yesterday’s retrospective and being the giver that you know I am, I thought I’d share it with you.

Because it is just too damned awesome to keep to myself.

Yes, oh yes it is.

Don’t ever question me on the 70’s again, because I was there folks, and it wasn’t pretty.

And because there is more where this came from. Much more.

Don’t make me use it, because I will.


  1. Be honest, how many of you guys have a super suit just Bjorn's in your closet?

    Oh, sure. Wink wink

    Like I'm the only one.


  2. 70s for me?

    Homemade clothes.

    I hate the 70s.

  3. Please, I'm begging you, stop the torture! I lived through the 70s, too. Once was more than enough.

    ABBA will be on repeat earworm all day. GAAAAAAHH!

  4. 70s - yellow elephant pants with white polka dots = awesome; hippies in Van = free drum lessons at the beach; polyester safari suits = unfathomable.

  5. I want the snakeskin jumpsuit.


    distrat = the feeling you get when you realize you still own clothes worn by ABBA in the 70's.

  6. So that's a "no" on the supersuit then? It's the cape, right?

  7. How can anyone say "I lived through the 70's and I hated it". WHAT?!
    One word should do it. Agnetha. Yes, the lip synching in that video was terrible, but AGNETHA!
    And who wasn't Kung Fu Fighting?! Hot Chocolate? The BeeGees?
    "But I HATE disco"
    Then go to your room, and stay there until you learn to love LTD! Now, march young man.

    And even if you are a weirdo that hates disco, Peter Frampton, Bad Company, Jefferson Starship, afro's, Grazing in the Grass, bell bottoms, sock it to me, Animal House, (lemme catch my breath). Apocalypse Now, Dark Side of the Moon, Star Wars, Jaws, ZEPPELIN, frakkin BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!!

    I think I broke a blood vessel.


  8. Paul C,

    Let me again reiterate: homemade clothes.

  9. Michelle,
    I'll have to give you that one.
    You know, "walk a mile in my shoes" and all that.

  10. Or a mile in my blue sparkly space boots. Whatever.

  11. "Is that polyester I smell?"

    "It's only the river. It's only the river."

    -- Talking Heads (kinda). Seventies band. FTW.

    prygo -- tool used for freeing the car from the snow


    That is all.

    scrosc = the medical term for PaulC's commando status as he makes his way through the TSA checkpoint.

  13. This is almost as awesome as "Hooked On A Feeling", as covered by David Hasselhoff. Almost.


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