Monday, December 7, 2009

A Day of Infamy

Today is Pearl Harbor day in the United States.

It's a significant day for those of us who are of US Naval inclination.

I thought about what I would write today, and realized that I don't have much to say beyond what I said in my post from two years ago, Remembering December 7th.

Take a moment, sometime today, and remember those who gave all so that the rest of us may be free.


  1. Pearl Harbor Day is significant because it's the day after I started stopping alcohol and drugs.

    I know it's a day of National remembrance and such, too, but, you see, it's all about me, at least to me.

    By the way, I think you need a new feature: CAPTCHA of the Week. I nominate "hoism."

    (atine - the amino acid which causes you to say "Where you at?")

  2. All my mother's brothers were Navy men. They were all too young to be at Pearl Harbor, but our family doesn't forget.

    lobil. A charge that's less than expected.

  3. Hello Jim,

    I loved your post bud, I read it last week and found it really moving.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. My uncle enlisted in the Navy when he was underage, and was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked. I remember my mother saying they didn't know for days whether he was alive or dead. He survived both the attack and the war. My father and another uncle also served (in the Army and the Army Air Forces, respecitvely). I wish I had had the appreciation I do now for what they did then.

  5. I worked all day Dec 7th on the largest MAC base in the world and didn't hear not one mention of Pearl Harbor all day, I didn't even see it on the news. It's not just important to the Navy but should be important to all branches of service not to mention every American


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