Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Observation

Tiger Woods messed around with what? Twelve, maybe fourteen or so women?

Wilt Chamberlain claims to have bedded 25,000 women over the course of his career.

Amateurs. The both of them.

Joe Lieberman just screwed 47 million Americans, men, women, and kids.

What a stud.

Hope he wore a condom.


  1. The definition of an armature as "the pole piece of a permanent magnet or electromagnet" seems quite appropriate here. Joltin' Joe is definitely a pole piece. As well as a professional amateur...

  2. Ardprest,

    That's what happens when I have autocomplete enabled in the blog editor, it's 0600, I haven't had coffee yet, and I'm chatting in IM with Random Michelle.

    Never a good combination for blogging accuracy, though I do like your interpretation.

  3. And then Al Franken fucked Lieberman on the floor of the Senate. So maybe there's hope?

    * * *

    "bative": what Batman does off the side of a boat.

    (I thought the captchinitions thing y'all did at my place was so awesome, I think we ought to see if we can take it viral.)

  4. I'm not a huge Al Franken fan, but yeah, that was a thing of beauty.

    And I'm hip on the whole capcha viral thing.

  5. An armature is also the internal support for the kind of stop-motion puppetry which involves a flexible, external skin and musculature; though I can't quite figure a way to make this definition apply here.

    Unless an internal skeleton is something Leiberman lacks.

    It's funny. I was just finally about to become eligible for health benefits at my job, until this Monday, when my boss let me go without any notice.

    So it's been since 2003 since I had any sort of benefits. Perhaps I'll write Lieberman a thank-you note.

  6. Not sure who's the bigger douchebag -- the Demo holdout for abortion funding limits, Lieberman, or the GOP read-a-thon team.

    A pox on both their houses.

    miststif=misdirected stiffy. As in: Tiger Woods did a miststif and now he's gonna pay for it

  7. Its a no-brainer Nick

    Lieberman is a two-faced fucking dirtbag that need to be tossed under the bus

  8. Being one of the millions of Americans with no health care/ insurance at all that is hoping for some progress on the health care front, I'm not feeling too good about this...

  9. You'd think he's go for a full course of 18.

    burec - what happens when your bed slams into your dresser.

  10. You would, wouldn't you, Steve? I was thinking the same thing. Wonder if he was working his way through the back nine when he got caught?



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