Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Say No

Best political cartoon I've seen in quite a while.


  1. And the comment thread is just as precious.

  2. I agree Steve, the comment thread is just precious. But a great cartoon, and the truth, something Republicans (at least the far right wing nut section) no longer know what is.

  3. Yeah, the comments under the cartoon are especially hysterical.

    Wonder who will be first in line for healthcare when it passes?

  4. Ponzi scheme! Ponzi scheme! Socialist! Socialist! Nazi communist!


    (Warning: Automatic animation with sound at that link.)

  5. Two great social programs, both by Democrats. Hopefully, health care reform with be a third great social program again by Democrats.

    And republicans say they are for the people. I say bullshit!

  6. No, Jerry, the republican ideal is best summed up as "every man for himself."

    It is the democrats I'd say come closer to "one for all and all for one" philosophy.

  7. I agree, Jim. What republican say and what they do are two very different things.

  8. The only real and inviolable plank in the current Republican Party is:
    "Rich people should have more money"

  9. I tried to explain this to my father-in-law on Thanksgiving Day. For heaven's sake, the man has selective amnesia. He LIVED through those fights, albeit as a small child for FDR. Social Security and Medicare are part of his life, since he retired 19 years ago.


  10. @Jim -- I think there are certain aspects of Republican thought that are valid (or used to be, before the party got taken over by the extreme right wing), but it is comical (well, sad really) that so many comments from conservatives never veer from "Socialist!" or "Crook!" or whatever else the current meme is.

    Depending on how you view it, "every man for himself" isn't necessarily bad (when it's promoting self-reliance, independence, working to achieve your goals, etc.).

    "One for all and all for one" could be construed as dangerously close to the evil that is Socialism (because it's just a short hop, skip, and a jump to "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need") -- and we know where that leads us. (Said tongue in cheek.)

  11. Bill, I get repeatedly branded as a "lib" for the things I write here on Stonekettle Station - so much so that the other day when a conservative friend used my Turkey Day post on his webcast radio show, he felt the need when he credited me to caveat my site several times as a "liberal site" sort of like that warning on the side of a pack of cigarettes - I find this amusing.

    But the truth of the matter is that I'm not a liberal, I'm also not a conservative. I'm a centrist for the most part. I'm not anti conservative, I was raised in a conservative household and most of my family, friends, and professional acquaintances are conservatives - and I admire pre-Reagan conservatives. I am, however, increasingly anti-Republican Party, a distinction most people seem to miss.

    As I've said elsewhere, I think the GOP has been hijacked by the Insane Brain Eating Jebus Posse.

    I agree that either philosophy - Every Man for Himself -or- One for all, all for one - taken to extremes leads to either ultra nationalist fascism on one end of the scale or totalitarian communism on the other. I don't want to live in either state. But there is a lot of real estate between those two extremes, and plenty of room for both heaven and hell - and plenty of room for raging insanity, such as those on the right who point to e pluribus enum on our coinage and start screaming about socialists and illegal immigrants and the Illuminati.

    I also think that our republic must evolve over time - 200 hundred years ago if you didn't like things you could take your family and head west to kill indigenous subhuman people and carve out a homestead of your own safety removed from others in the wilderness. You could shoot as many deer and buffalo as you wanted and chop down as many trees as you liked and piss in as many rivers as you liked as often as you liked.

    Nowadays the world is crowed. More so every single day. Resources are growing more and more scare. Our technology allows us to live in an increasingly artificial environment - that's ok, we are tool using animals - but the resource are not infinite, they must be controlled and distributed and husbanded and recycled and managed, rules must exist or people will tear each other apart, those in our midst who sicken may infect all of us. NeoCons don't believe in evolution and supposedly hate fascism, and yet they hypocritically espouse the twisted social Darwinism of Eugenics, i.e. survival of the fittest, fuck the weak, we owe them nothing, get a job hippies.

    Because we are so dense on the planet, our actions cannot help but affect others - the GOP philosophy of Every Man For Himself leads inevitably to collapse in such an environment.

  12. "NeoCons don't believe in evolution and supposedly hate fascism, and yet they hypocritically espouse the twisted social Darwinism of Eugenics, i.e. survival of the fittest, fuck the weak, we owe them nothing, get a job hippies."

    I love it!!! You have nailed the current republican Party/Fucknut Fanatics to the wall.


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