Thursday, December 17, 2009

As Promised, Brownies


Clicking on the image will take you to a place where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about the forest folk.

You’re welcome.


I spent this evening moving snow, for the third straight day in a row.  We’ve had 32 inches here at Stonekettle Station in the last 72 hours.  I’ve moved more snow in the last three days than I did all last winter.  That’s Alaska for you.  Tonight I could no longer push the piles back with the ATV plow, so I had to get out the big snow thrower and move the berms back away from the drive.  So on top of feeling like crap all day, I now hurt pretty much everywhere and my ruined shoulder is just plain killing me.

What I’m trying to say is, enjoy the damned brownies because that’s all you’re getting tonight.

I’m going to go soak in the Jacuzzi and read some Destroyer of Worlds.


  1. Mmm - crunchy brownies - must be the nuts...

    Thanks, Jim - sorry 'bout all the snow. I actually wish we'd get some here.

    Oh, the secret to the recoil starter is behind the 'um' in the Tecumseh sticker. I yanked the rope out of mine last snow :(

    bilin - when the water's hot enough to throw in the noodles.

  2. Wait... You said you were going to MAKE brownies. Did you do the nasty with one of the feminine forest folk?

    Or perhaps you said you were going to BAKE brownies. Which, morbid though it may be, actually makes me feel a bit better about the situation.

  3. Wait, we all know brownies go naked. What is this, some kind of sanitized crap so you won't hurt our delicate sensibilities?

    And I don't see any of them toking. I mean, what's a patch of brownies without a little pot? Boring, that's what.

    (trying so hard to keep this not serious, 'cause after you read your Briggs research on folk tales, it's kind hard not to hold forth)

  4. I assume, based on their clothing, that this is a culturally diverse bunch o' brownies. Using my keen powers of observation I observe that the Eastern Block brownie has a tail. Does this have something to do with how a brownie metabolism reacts to potato vodka?

    prethen: Before then, i.e. now.

  5. keen powers

    Totally the name of my next kid. Now to convince the Mrs...

  6. Take drugs, relax, pay the kid to do it. And those brownies must be Jim's "special" brownies.

    dershag: Austin Powers in lederhosen


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