Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Week’s Lack of Posting Excuse

Major Alaskan Winter Storm, lasted two days so far.

Hours to get home on the highway, dodging what may be the world’s stupidest drivers.  Black ice. White out conditions.

Then a couple hours each night to plow snow out of my driveway (I have a big driveway and we’ve gotten feet of snow in the last two days. Feet).

And now tonight, my wife called from Anchorage (she was working late).  She’s having car trouble.  And it appears that I’m going to have to go get her. 

So, no posting.

No, stop that sniveling right now.  Look, no crying. I hate that.  I’ll make you brownies or something tomorrow.



  1. It's the holidays...those better be bourbon brownies...

    just sayin.

    And be careful out there.

  2. There was this guy once. His past, according to some, was somewhat questionable. He was a pretty tough guy by all accounts. He probably drank too much, and smoked too much, swore too much, and might even have fooled around on his wife in foreign ports. I don't know - but I wouldn't be surprised. I never knew him but I know the type and I've met a thousand like him.

    His name was Jim Wright, a retired Navy Chief Warrant Officer, United States Navy - and on the morning of December 17th, 2009 he was the author of the Stonekettle Station a blog hosted at blogger.com.

    You all know that during that week Jim's home was deluged with feet of snow (Feet!). But Jim was a blogger. Yes, he was an employee and a husband and a father, but he was also a blogger. Jim lived in a large estate with huge driveway that required lots of clearing after a storm, but Jim was a blogger.

    Now if you were Jim what would you do? At this point Jim is in a unique position. He's done his duty, he's posted a "Sorry more later and brownies" posting. Scalzi is posting at Whatever regularly. But Jim's faithful readers are left without his humour and insights. Does Jim just look at doing his duty to his employer, his cats and his family? As a blogger Jim is responsible for his blog and his readers, for their amusement, for their edification, for their very futures. I am sure, as sure as anything, that Jim knew this. Again, what would you have done?

    Well, I hope Jim takes the time to right an insightful, humourous and well written post. I hope he lets his employer know that he'll be late. Maybe he’ll let his son stay home from school and he let his wife spend the night in a hotel near her job. I hope he’ll get his post written.

    That is what it is to be a blogger.

    [No disrespect to Edwin J. Hill intended.]

  3. Something familiar about that...something familiar...hmmmm

  4. Once the bourbon brownies are done, let's try some with Irish Cream.

    blorsti- a special kind of Russian soup, made with beets that only grow in Siberia.

  5. Should we parse the title as

    This week's "lack of posting" excuse


    This week's lack of "posting" excuse?

    Are you asking us to excuse the lack of posts or excuse the posts that did occur?

    Brownies, yum.


    An adjective for someone who's both cheap and circulatory-impaired.

  6. Aw, Dad always promises brownies, but he never bakes. It's so sad.

  7. Sometimes I want to post just because the word is so weird.

    ginglu- alcohol that keeps you together when you're faling apart.

  8. Where are my brownies? You promised me brownies and all I got was orange flavored contrast dye!



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