Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stop Your Sniveling


OK, I take pity on you for the previous ABBA post.


Here, wash your brain out with this:


Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses, a small band from Cornwall, England. 

That song is probably their best known tune here in the States, though Thirteen Senses has had a number of Top 40 hits on the British Charts. Into The Fire has made the soundtracks of a number of TV shows, including The 4400 and if you watched the pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy last night you heard it in the final scene.

You’re welcome.


  1. Jim - have you encountered Marian Call (mariancall.com) as yet? You're about 5000 miles closer to her gigs than I am; I just discovered her music, and can I think promise you'll prefer it to ABBA...

  2. Very nice, thank you.

    With this video posting you are welcomed back into the ranks of humans on a probationary basis. Be aware that any further Abba postings and you will be relegated back into the ranks of the demonic where Dick Cheney resides.

  3. Why does this song make me want to kill someone else to put them out of my misery?


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