Saturday, December 12, 2009

One of Those WTF? Moments…

Google New Aggregator

Because White People Really Can’t Tell the Difference



I clipped this from the Google News home page yesterday. 

I clicked on the Wil Smith picture, just to see if it actually did lead to an Obama related news article at the Washington Post – it did, sort of.


Also, Burl Ives is apparently resigning from the Senate…



Uh, no – I’m not accusing Google of racism or malice aforethought.  Obviously this is just an artifact of the perversity of search algorithms.   I just thought it was amusing. 


  1. To save anyone else from my confusion: Blogger arbitrarily cuts off large images with no warning and no scrollbar, at least on Firefox. They're left-justified, so the right edge is missing.

    You have to make the browser window bigger to see the whole thing, which as you may imagine required some fancy contortions on my netbook since the window was already as large as possible.

    Hint: holding down the Alt key anywhere in a window while clicking and dragging will let you move the window partilly offscreen so you can make it larger than the desktop.

    ardlyp: a difficulty Cockney jump

  2. I thought that the byline was hysterical as well. There's no way I'd trust Oliver North to tell me anything about our government.

    fiarin - a small Italian coin.

  3. Alternately, you can also just zoom way out. I found that I could see the Wil Smith picture when I was down to 80%.

  4. I use IE (Vista is very flaky, especially the installation on my machine, and I have no wish to introduce anything to it) and double clicking on the image embiggened it quite well.

    conpoken - prison slang for conjugal visit

  5. Lauren - Great minds think alike. You beat me to the Oliver [shudder] North comment.


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