Saturday, December 5, 2009



Looking out my sunroom window, down over the valley towards Pioneer Peak.


What’s your Saturday morning looking like?


  1. My Saturday morning has steady snow and a WordPress upgrade that did not fix my problem.


    Plus, the awesome guys at the service station fit us in to put on our snow tires (our driveway looks like \ ) and it only cost $5.30!

  3. $5.30?


    Around here that would have to be in addition to some kind of oral gratification...

    $5.30. Ha. Sure.

  4. Saturday morning looked remarkably like Friday morning, save for the driveway is clear(er) than yesterday morning.

    Dr. Phil

    capcha = handedu
    "He handedu your ass in a sling."

  5. Saturday morning looked an awful lot like the insides of my eyelids.


  6. No joy on wordpress.

    And it just keeps getting better: now trying to fix Nick's borked laptop. He got it infected with something, and now displaying all the symptoms of hardware failure of some sort.

    Word: cheari - when you pretend happiness even though you currently loathe computers.

  7. Saturday looks like technical housekeeping, including a new external drive, backups, etc., and then errands while those run.

    Christ, what a boring life I have.

    supwch = A sandwich you eat for supper.

  8. My morning was spent recovering from yesterday's migraine, this afternoon a little actual (as opposed to technical) housecleaning. May get a notion to put up a few Christmas decorations.

    Atlanta's predicted sleet/wintry mix never reached the city this morning, although some of the northern communities got a dusting. Currently it's clear, cold, windy, 38F with a windchill at 30F. Guess we've gone from early fall to midwinter weatherwise in about 36 hours here.

    educas: past plural form of educate

  9. Yup. $5.30 and I managed not to say, "Are you kidding me?"

    I really like that service station. Plus, they're walking distance from home and work.

    Did I mention they managed to fit us in when we called?

    dismair = the atmosphere around me when I'm depressed

  10. This morning consisted of a trip To Sears to buy ThePinkThing a pair of snow boots (thanks, Land's End for being in Sears), since it snowed today. It was my first "commercial" outing since the surgery. It felt good to be out for something "regular". And TPT got a pair of snow boots suitable for Maryland climes, not Alaskan...

    It snowed a whole 3 inches!

  11. (TMI alert!)

    My morning was lost to chemo-chills. I stayed in bed with four blankets and two microwaved warming packs against me.

    At least I had Car Talk, Wait Wait, and my CDs of the Curse of Chalion to listen to.

    My son and I debated whether it was better to have nausea and vomiting or chills and diarrhea. My husband opined that he'd prefer neither.

    My word is mortab, which sounds applicable.

  12. I think you beat Scalzi, this time.

    My morning started with ice fog and, after trying in vain to insert the key in the door lock of the car, scraping of (both sides of) the windshield of my diesel truck, then had to crank the starter for two minutes before the engine warmed enough to sustain combustion.

  13. ScottE said Gray

    You got up late, didn't you Scott? Because the sky over Anchorage was pretty spectacular this morning - and then it turned to gray and misery.

    See? Early bird and all that ;)

  14. TMI Warning

    Last night Conor spent the night -- lots of crying as he said goodbye to his dad (who had to make an emergency run to Phoenix to pick up some equipment for repair). The crying stopped within 0.5 seconds of the Wii starting up and today we awakened to even more Wii, along with pancakes.

    It was cold and gray this morning -- about 45 F. But by noon it was in the low sixties. Conor and Chris played football in the park across the street and came back inside for left over pizza and (you guessed it) more Wii.

    Conor's dad called at 10 AM to set up a pick up time -- only Conor wanted to stay to noon. Then 2 PM, then (finally) 4 PM. He reluctantly left with his dad at 4.

    The HOA trucks in ice each year for a pretend snow day. We went to Big 5 to pick up the saucers for riding and went over to the show area. But the snow day was yesterday and there was nothing left. (Sad faces.)

    Oh well, we'll try to do better next year.

    Yes, snow not more than once a year is about right for us.

    inant = the kind of modern art sculpture that looks like a four year-old created it

  15. I'm glad that people are defining their word verifications. I feel all evil and shit.

    sansc: How _an you _orrespond with folks when your keyboard is missing the _ key?


  16. See, Nathan? You've started a TREND. You are a TREND SETTER. Soon you'll be more popular than that uber-douche Perez Hilton.

    upsing = a musical about a prole revolution.

  17. Not much to say, really. Except that I am used to following the trendsetter(s) of the world.

    Also this:

    hoism = the belief that prostitution leads to self-realization and nirvana

  18. No, I get up at about 6 am every morning. I miss sunrises and sunsets because I work at home from about dark to... well, dark, I guess, on weekends in the winter.

    Sunday's sunrise was spectacular, though. Even got photos.


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