Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What the Internet needs

A search engine where you can hum a few bars into your computer's microphone and it'll figure out the name of that dammed instrumental song that's been trapped in your brain for the last four friggin' hours going round and round like a coked-up hamster on a squeaky exercise wheel. And the search engine should be able to figure it out no matter how tone deaf you are or badly you can't carry a tune. The nerd wizard engineers at Google want to impress me, they'd come up with that.


  1. Sunspots, but Bob Mould.

    And if it isn't stuck in your head, it should be.

  2. So... you're saying that you need http://www.midomi.com/ ?


  3. Ewan, that's...awesome.

    I'll play with it after I take the kid to school. Thanks.

    Did your wife enjoy her anniversary present?

  4. OK, so I just tried that midomi thing. Now I'll admit I'm not in the quietest spot, but I had Talking Heads Playing "Heaven" in one tab and Midomi recording it in another.

    They told me it was "Going Under" by Evanescence.


  5. I doesn't recognize a damn thing I sing. Probably because I suck at singing. In fact what I do probably doesn't actually qualify as singing - and it might actually be illegal.

  6. It, It doesn't recognize a damn thing.

    Fingers are not working correctly today.

  7. You should sign up and sing a few things in their studios and become a star. :) Then we, too, can marvel at the awfulness of your singing.

  8. Jim - hasn't yet happened, but I am confident :). I'll be happier when I find someone to make the jewelry piece I want to go with it, though.

  9. MWT, not going to happen. Really. And you can thank me later.

    Ewan, Ah, I thought it had already gone down. 10th, right. Hope you find a jeweler soon.

  10. Jim, I can guarantee that you do not sing worse than my father.

    He can't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it.

    Now, when my family sings happy birthday, we all tend to sing off key, since at least it's amusing if we all do it.


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