Saturday, May 31, 2008

Everybody Stop What You're Doing...(Nevermind, resume what you where doing)

....and help me find my bluetooth headset.

I cannot find it. And this is making me insane. Absolutely fucking insane.

It's connected to my phone. I've walked in a circle at the perimeter of where it automatically connects and disconnects from my phone. I've computed the center of that circle. I know exactly where it has to be, but I cannot find it.

I've called my cell, with the cell phone itself set to silent, hoping to hear the headset ringing or see the blue light on the back of it blinking. No dice.

I've looked for the damned thing for over an hour now and I may just starting shooting things at random if it doesn't turn up very, very soon.
Found it.

As the battery slowly faded in the headset, its bluetooth signal got weaker and weaker. Which meant the range to disconnect kept getting smaller, which allowed me to triangulate a tighter and tighter posit. My house is three stories, and the signal definitely pointed to the main/middle floor, fading both upstairs and on the lower level.

The fix remained centered roughly around my computer desk in the den, plus or minus about twenty feet or so. But there's a lot in that twenty feet. Eventually as the signal weakened it seemed to indicate the attached garage which is just on the other side of the computer desk. I'd looked in there repeatedly both yesterday and today. But I went back out there again - this time I left all the lights off and kept hitting the 'voice command' button on the phone, which should cause the headset light to blink. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Then I remembered that I'd put some winter clothes in the seasonal clothes locker yesterday morning. Hmmm, I opened that and didn't see anything at first, but I kept pushing the 'voice command' button and eventually noticed a faint blue glow from the top shelf - where I'd stuffed a bunch of winter hats and gloves yesterday. Sure enough, there it was, under all that stuff.

Not exactly sure how it got off my ear and under a pile of hats, but I'm just grateful to find it.

So, anyway, crisis is averted. Thanks for the advice, sarcasm, humor, and help.


  1. As always, please post the video.


    And yes, I know I can be replaced.

  2. Well? Did posting here make it magically appear?

  3. No, I still have not found it.

    It's here, I have to be within thirty feet of it, but I just cannot find the fucking thing.

  4. Hrm... well, what's actually at the spot where it's supposed to be?

  5. Hmmm... check all the drawers? See if it fell down the back and now it's lodged against the desk and the wall? Take a picture so the rest of us can see if we can spot it?

  6. I bet you swallowed it and didn't notice.

  7. Did you check in the cats? Did ya? Huh?

    Did you check in the places where th cats drag their toys?

  8. My computer desk in the den is just a table, no drawers at all. And yes I've looked under it and over it and around it and etc.

    I did check the cats. And where they drag their cat toys. My wife, son, and Beastly were helping me look yesterday. Can. Not. Find. It.

    It's like it's here, but in a parallel dimension or something.

    Seriously, it's the next morning and I still can't find it. The universe is fucking with me or something.

  9. Well as mom always says "where did ya lose it" I could call her for you and ask her to give you a call, would that help?

  10. Carefully now Michelle.

    Back. Away. From. The. Blogger.

  11. Hmm... how about in it? Have you had to take the computer apart for any reason recently?

  12. Is there a chandelier or anything hanging above the computer?

  13. Nathan, that was my brother Michael, not Michelle. But considering how much this is pissing me off, your warning is still valid.

    MWT, there is a ceiling fan above the computer - and yes, I did look. Nada.

    this is just bizarre. Seriously. I really need the headset, I barely know how to use the phone without it.

  14. Ooops.

    Sorry Michael. But yeah, it is still good advice.

  15. Have you attempted to--dare I say it--clean the entire office to see if it turned up then?

    No! Don't hurt me! AAAHHHH!!!!

  16. I have two places left for you to check. 1. hold the cat up to you ear and call your phone, or 2. go look in the litter box. If you find it in either of these two places, get a new one.

  17. He did say he already checked in the cats.


  18. Well, you can disable bluetooth on your cell phone and use it by hand - so it doesn't ring to your bluetooth. But you can't replace the headset until the battery dies on the one you're missing.

    How incredibly frustrating! Losing small, important stuff like that would drive me nuts too.

  19. I'm glad--for everyone involved--it was not in one of the cats.

  20. LOL - i know the feeling well Jim ~ glad you found it!! Nice Hunting ......


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