Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy today

No posts this morning. So sorry.

Because I spent Saturday hiking, and yesterday fooling around with my new GPS unit and doing various and sundry other things, I'm behind in the shop. I've got a large order due on Wednesday and I've got to get cracking this morning.

Depending on my progress in the shop today, I may get around to posting why I will not be voting for John 'Two-Face' McCain under any circumstances later today. Really, if both Clinton and Obama get hit by a campaign bus and drop out - I'll do a write in vote for Cannibal Hitler's Head In a Jar before I vote for this asshole. Seriously.

More, maybe, later.


  1. There once was a campaign for President.
    The candidates all tried to be resonant.
    The idea of McCain
    Drove poor Jim insane.
    So he voted for Cannibal-Zombie-Pedophile-Necrophiliac-Hitler's head in a Jar.

  2. And no, that didn't fucking rhyme in the end.

  3. But it did make me laugh hysterically, so you know, it's all good.

    Go, international limerick day, Go!

  4. (whip cracking)

    Get to work you!

    And I'll think of you when I vote for Obama tomorrow!

  5. West Virginia gets to vote? Who knew?


  6. Well, once they dropped the literacy requirement...

    :::runs after Nathan. (note: I don't have to run fast, just faster than Nathan :O :::::

  7. (pulls out shotgun full of birdshot)

    Run fast y'all.

  8. Well, I smoke, so you shouldn't have to run very long either.

  9. Hey Nathan? It's been 10 1/2 years since I quit smoking.

    This summer the time from my last cigarette to now will be the same as the time from my first cigarette to when I quit.

    Neener neener!

  10. Michelle,

    I figure if there's some crazy woman chasing me around with a shotgun, quitting smoking isn't going to be a big priority.


    I shall return and read today's post when I have the time to actually pay attention.

  11. crazy woman

    Heh, that's redundant.

    I quit about 16 years ago or so. But I've got a dodgy knee and a gimpy shoulder, so we're probably evenly matched, Nathan. But then again, I don't fight fair under any circumstance, so you know you might want to keep an eye on your hamstrings, fair warning.

  12. The term isn't crazy.

    It's stability challenged.

  13. I thought that was for people with inner ear problems.

  14. Ba dumpbump.

    As puns go, Michelle, that's a stinker :)

  15. Hey, you opened the door. I just walked through!

  16. Next time I'm make sure the door leads somewhere, uh, interesting bawhahahahaha!

  17. Luckily, in addition to curiosity, I seem to have the extra lives accorded to felines.

    I think I've got at LEAST four or five left.


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