Monday, May 5, 2008

I think I know that Cat


Saw this, couldn't stop laughing.


Busy this morning, replacing the valve cover gaskets on my wife's Mustang and finishing some production work.  More later, possibly even some new bowl pictures.


  1. Does this mean it finally got warm and dry enough to get that car out of the garage and put the top down? I hope the valve work is a precursor to fast driving, wind through your hair, tunes cranked, and all that awesomeness.

  2. Eric, I've still got a 4 foot pile of snow on the far side of the shop, where it's always in shadow. But, it's melting fast. It's about 65 out right now, and sunny. The road are clear and the trees are budding out. The grass is finally starting to turn green.

    It seems that the valve cover gaskets dried out during the winter and are now leaking oil like a wiffle ball. They were overdue for replacement anyway. Just got back from picking up the new ones, rubberized high temps as opposed to the old cork ones. The valve cover job is easy, it's the fact that I had to remove the throttlebody and Fuel Injector Air Mixer Manifold and it's dozen or so associated vacuum lines and electrical connections first in order to get to the valve covers that is causing me grief here. Had to run all over hell's half acre to get a new gasket for the manifold, and then had to buy a complete rebuild kit for it since the single gasket I need is only sold as part of a rebuild kit. Argh! But as long as I have it - I guess I'll rebuild the throttlebody and air mixture - and replace all the old vacuum lines.

    Should have it done in a couple of hours. Wee.

  3. Not really, John. But the convertible is 20 years old this year. It's in beautiful shape, but like any machine the gaskets have to be replaced once in a while. And in this case it's a major pain to do something simple like replace the valve cover gaskets, because I can't pull the covers without removing the fuel injection system - which is a big deal. But, the new valve cover gaskets are now on. The throttlebody and the air intake manifold is next. Then I'll replace all the old vac lines, which is an easy job. Should have it running in the next two hours.


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