Friday, May 16, 2008

Free Friday

I wanted to talk about the California Supreme Court's decision yesterday striking down two state laws and paving the way for life, liberty, and happiness for all of its citizens.  And I probably will sometime this weekend, but it's sunny and warm out for the first time in a long while. 


There's still snow on the mountains and Pioneer Peak looks fantastic out my sunroom window:

Pioneer Peak

It's just an absolute beautiful day here in the Matanuska Susitna Valley and I've managed to knock out all of my production work for the next two weeks. I've finished a chapter of Iyes of the Dead and reviewed the two previous chapters and I'm extremely happy with it.

And I actually feel good this morning, nothing hurts, and that's just so unusual for me that I'm not going to waste it sitting in front of the computer.

As such, I'm taking the day off and going out to the shop to turn bowls, play with my dog, swat at mosquitos and generally enjoy the sun. Later I may run the tractor around the yard and sweep up the winter's debris, just because I can.


Something of note: Yesterday Stonekettle Station pulled in just over 1100 visitors.  The vast majority surfed in to read this post due to links in a number of backpacking and GPS related forums.  As the regular readers know, I don't give much thought to stats, but seriously, wow! For those of you who arrived here via that route, thanks for coming by, I hope you enjoyed the article.  Feel free to stick around. You can expect a number of hiking and geocaching posts from the wilds of Alaska this summer - and if the weather holds, this weekend.


Now, I'm going out to do what I enjoy most, and I hope you all do too. 


  1. It's fifty and raining here.

    Thanks for letting me know that the weather in Alaska is better than the weather here.

  2. Yeah, when I left work today it was about 53 degrees. I left the house early, so my husband was on morning-kid-duty. He allowed our 5 year-old daughter to choose her clothes. So my daughter went to school today in a pink dress with spaghetti straps that is a size too small. I can't wait to see what he allows when she's a teenager.


  3. It was 22˚C today and beautiful.
    Tomorrow however Rain. Sunday..Rain...Monday Rain.
    We knew it was going to happen...it is our Long Weekend.
    At least we aren't camping this year.

  4. kimby, right now it's 8˚C here in West (by God) Virginia.


  5. It rained sideways here today. Sucked.

  6. Neurondoc - you've gotta swat your husband with something hard. My daughter (also 5) will be able to pick out her own clothes when she's 30.

    If she's lucky.


    Seriously? He wants to make sure he has as few morning kid days as possible. Men are not incompetent. We are uber-Machiavellian. :)


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